Setting up affiliate links

The affiliate link is the URL that you use as an affiliate to promote the website or products of EmailDrips. This link contains a unique partner ID, so that the visitors you forward to EmailDrips can be followed.

If this visitor successfully completes a purchase, a referral will be generated and you as an affiliate will receive a commission.

A standard affiliate link looks like this:[YOUR-UNIQUE=PARTNER-ID]

You can find your unique partner ID in the Affiliate Dashboard. For example, if your unique partner ID is "3", your unique affiliate link will look like this:

You can add the variable "?Ref=[YOUR-UNIQUE-PARTNER-ID]" after any URL on the EmailDrips website. Some examples are:

You can also use campaign tracking to measure the success of campaigns in your affiliate dashboard.

Affiliate link campaign tracking

Affiliate links can contain a campaign parameter to track and evaluate the performance of different campaigns. By using the campaign parameter, you are better able to determine where to focus your marketing efforts for maximum sales and referrals.

You can manually add a campaign name to your unique affiliate link. You do this by adding the variable "&campaign=[CAMPAIGN NAME]" after your unique partner link.

Some examples of what an affiliate link with campaign parameter looks like:

Campaigns you have created are visible in the Affiliate Statistics tab. Various campaign data is shown here, such as the number of visits via a specific affiliate link and whether the conversion was successful.

How the affiliate link works

Your affiliate link contains a 30-day tracking cookie. This means that if a visitor clicks on your unique affiliate link, you will receive the referral as long as the visitor makes a purchase within 60 days.

Make sure to use your unique affiliate link wherever you mention EmailDrips on your website, on social media, via email, etc.

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