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Are you experiencing low conversion and are your customers leaving your website without making a purchase? You know you need the right set of emails to turn the tables around. If you are looking for abandoned cart email examples to help set you in the right direction, your search is over. Welcome to the world’s largest collection of cart “reminder” emails created by experienced marketers. Our database has the right templates that can help you recover up to 20% of your revenue lost to this event. Check out some abandon mails to get you started.

About Cart Abandonment Email Sequences:

Cart Abandonment Email Templates​

Do successful emails have a repeatable structure? The answer to that question is an emphatic, yes. The examples on this website are actual live examples that are currently helping their authors recover revenue lost to abandoned cart items. And so, you can be sure that you’d get the same results top-rated marketers get by applying the same ideas to your own emails. 

Using our library of abandonment cart email templates, you will easily come up with ideas on how to craft the perfect abandon mail. This will save you both time and effort required to create your own emails. With it, you can see into the minds of successful marketers. 

Our samples cut across various products. We have got samples from E-commerce and e-book sales to SaaS and online courses. 

So, whatever your product is, we have got your back.

What is a cart Abandonment email sequence?

Simply put, abandoned cart email is a series of follow-up email messages sent to customers who leave a website without purchasing items in their online shopping cart. They are usually sent to prospects that leave half-way through checkout, and can recover from 10 – 19% of lost revenue

It's pretty effective as a sales recovery tactic. Surveys have shown that nearly half of all cart reminder emails are opened. It is also reported that more than a third of all clicks lead to purchases back on site.

Why use a cart abandonment email sequence?

Studies have shown that between 60% and 80% of customers abandon items in the cart before the sale is completed. This causes many online shops to leave a lot of money on the table. First, you need to understand that most customers do not intentionally abandon items in the cart. There are a few reasons why customers leave items in the cart. Regardless of the reason, the major objective of this type of email is to recover lost sales from abandoned items in cart. 

Your email has to be well-written if you hope to persuade your cart-abandoners to return to checkout and complete the purchase. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to convince everyone to return. However, you can recover up to 19% of your sale from your cart using the right campaign. 

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