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Looking for inspiration for your free trial email campaign? Improve your emails with these handpicked free trial email examples by the best marketers. Learn from their email templates and grow your business!

Why use a free trial email sequence?

A free trial is used to give customers the opportunity to try out the product before purchasing. The free trial model is mostly used by software (saas) businesses and usually ranges from 7-30 days. The simpler the product is, the shorter the free trial usually is.

The goal of the free trial email sequence is to get the user to use the product and purchase. A big part of this is getting the free trial user to purchase, is getting them to the “AHA” moment where they realise the added value of the product. That’s why most businesses focus on their most important features during the free trial email sequence. This encourages user adoption of their product and increases the chance of the sale. Check out some cool examples below!

8 Buzzstream - Free Trial Email Sequence

Buzzstream - Free Trial Email Sequence

BuzzStream helps brands en agencies to build the relationships with influencers they need to get that attention, drive word-of-mouth traffic, improve search performance, and increase awareness. This free trial sequence teaches new subscribers how to make your BuzzStream trial more successful. At the end of the ...

8 Coinigy - Free Trial Email Sequence

Coinigy - Free Trial Email Sequence

Coinigy is al all-in-one platform for digital currency. The software offers great insights into cryptocurrency trends & developments through graphs and technical analysis. This free trial sequence teaches new subscribers the basics of technical trading analysis. At the end of the sequence they try to get ...

8 Squarespace - Free Trial Email Sequence

Squarespace - Free Trial Email Sequence

Squarespace is a software as a service based website builder which makes it easy to build & launch websites. It's an all-in-one solution including possibilities for blogging, hosting, selling products, domain names and much more. After registering for the Squarespace free trial, they send 4 onboarding emails to ...

6 Unbounce - Free Trial Email Sequence

Unbounce - Free Trial Email Sequence

Unbounce is a conversion optimization software company, offering A/b and multivariate testing tools for websites. In this Free trial email sequence, Unbounce has clearly defined the onboarding steps to the "aha moment". They even show you the steps in the email. But as you can see, we never got passed the ...

2 Slack - Onboarding Email Sequence

Slack - Onboarding Email Sequence

Slack is a cloud-based communication- and collaboration tool. They make it easier for teams to work together and are wildly popular amongst businesses around the world. In this onboarding process, Slack brings new subscribers through a series of onboarding steps in their browser, followed by a series of emails. ...