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Looking for inspiration for your onboarding email campaign? Improve your emails with these handpicked onboarding email examples by the best marketers. Learn from their email templates and grow your business!

What is onboarding exactly?

Onboarding is the process of getting a customer to use a newly purchased product. Onboarding is mostly used by software (saas) businesses to decrease churn (customers cancelling a subscription) which is a key metric for Saas businesses.

Why use a onboarding email sequence?

An onboarding email sequence is used to give new paying customers the best possible experience right after purchasing a product. The goal is the get the new customer familiar with the product quickly and help them get the best results (so that they will stay a paying customer). It is important to get the customers to realise the value of the product. Once they do, this is called the “AHA” moment. Most onboarding email sequences focus on getting the customer towards the “AHA” moment.

An onboarding email sequence can contain emails that describe the core features and help customers install and use them. These are usually the same for all new customers. However, many businesses also send triggered emails based on user actions. For example, if a user uploads a video on the user will receive a notification once the new video is available online. This gets the customer to continue on their video marketing journey and makes sure Vimeo stays top of mind with the customer. Check out some cool examples below.

10 Leadpages - Free Trial Onboarding Email Sequence

Leadpages - Free Trial Onboarding Email Sequence

Leadpages is one of the most popular landingpage builders in the world. It is being used by the top marketers in every niche to produce high converting landingpages quickly. Leadpages used this email sequence to onboard free trial users onto their platform. Want to learn more about Leadpages? Check ...

12 Airbnb - Hosting Onboarding sequence

Airbnb - Hosting Onboarding sequence

Check out how Airbnb onboards new suppliers who want to list their house on the platform. In this onboarding sequence is shown how to set up your account. Show you how much you can earn in a week, by comparing other houses in the same area. Provide you with a calendar tool and they have more tips and tricks. Like ways ...

0 Neil Patel - Consulting Email Sequence

Neil Patel - Consulting Email Sequence

Neil Patel is one of the most well known marketers in the world. Most people know him from his blog Quicksprout or or one of his software companies like Kissmetrics and Crazyegg. But Neil also sells consulting. In this email sequence he offers his subscribers the option to work personally with him and ...

8 Adobe Creative Cloud - Onboarding email sequence

Adobe Creative Cloud - Onboarding email sequence

Are you interested in Adobe photoshop and photography? In this email sequence Adobe Creative Cloud is now promoting their all-new Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC and their Photoshop cloud product. It's informing you about the new Lightroom functions and what it can do for you and what it can do for your business. ...