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For every individual or business that owns an existing email list or is planning to build one


As a marketer, you need to build a good relationship with your audience so they'll come back


Save time on brainstorming what to write for your clients. This enables you to complete tasks faster

It's HARD to come up with the right words...

As marketing agency owners, we know how tough it is to come up with winning copy, angles and ideas all day long. It can take DAYS to write up something half-decent. Let alone something that generates the ACTUAL results you want...

So how do you write effective copy?

Up until now, you only had 2 OPTIONS:

Option 1: Write all the copy yourself (and hope it magically works)

As with any important skills... Copywriting takes 10.000+ hours to master. Learning to write effective sales copy is not easy at all. The best copywriters on the planet invested heavily into crafting that very skill.

If you want to become a good copywriter you will have to:

Most entrepreneurs and marketers have a million other things they need to focus on...

Conclusion: Mastering copywriting yourself takes too much time (and is a BIG distraction at GREAT cost)

Which leaves you with option 2: Hire a professional copywriter...

Option 2: Hire an expensive professional copywriter (at $80-200 per hour)

When you think about outsourcing copywriting, you need to ask yourself...

How likely am I to get a positive ROI on my investment in a professional copywriter?

The average mid-level copywriter can get expensive quickly:

Which means hiring a professional copywriter can be a risk...

And on top of the costs...

There are downsides to outsourcing your copy:

So outsourcing your copy might seem like a time-saver, it's actually very risky and expensive...

Conclusion: Hiring a copywriter is actually a BIG RISK and VERY EXPENSIVE

There has to be a better way...

As you know

Great Copy has a HUGE impact

Because great copy is the difference between:

Copywriting plays a HUGE role in EVERY single step of your customer’s journey.

And even though marketing channels and platforms come and go...

the ability to generate high converting copy means you will always be in business

Some of the most succesful marketers believe copywriting to be the #1 skill that leads to business success:

"You need to be fluent in copywriting. Why? Everything in business revolves around it."
Neil Patel
"You need to learn copywriting. If you can write good copy, you'll always be in business"
Neil Patel
"Copywriting is what made me rich"
Russell Brunson

Because copywriting is so important, our agency team figured.. there has to be a way to learn copywriting quickly...

This is where ConvertScripts™ comes into play

We spent years studying the world class experts. And...

We "reverse engineered" all the best marketers for you

We literally "hacked" all their marketing campaigns and organized them into a swipe file collection.

Our collection or proven examples grew bigger and bigger. Our website Emaildrips was born!

And then something interesting happened..

We started seeing "patterns" and "formulas" that the top marketers were using...

We started testing the formulas for ourselves and for our clients and...

We started getting better results for our clients (!) because our campaigns were based on proven campaigns by the top marketers.

And we started closing more sales by "showing" clients proven funnels that work for similar businesses.

However, it was still very hard and time consuming to create great sales copy...

So our Agency Team got together and looked for a solution that would allow our audience to create high converting email copy in seconds...

And we are VERY excited to announce our new copywriting software that makes this infinitely easier, cheaper and faster than hiring an expensive copywriter of mastering the skill of copywriting yourself!


Email Sequence Scripts

Copywriting Software that generates high converting email sequence copy in seconds

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Choose your template

Each template is based on proven copy by experts that will help you launch winning emails 10x faster:

Step 2 Customize your template

Our email copy generator will help you customize your template in seconds. You can edit all templates live from your browser.

Step 3: Download your copy

Export your templates in and easily copy and paste them into your email service provider.

It's really that simple!

Everything you get access to when you join:

Email Sequence Templates

Generate Proven Email Sequence Templates in Seconds:

Value: $497,00

Email Subject Line Formulas

Generate Proven Email Subject Lines in Seconds:

Value: $297,00

Headline Templates

Generate Proven Headlines in Seconds for your landing pages, sales pages, social posts and more

Value: $397,00

WAIT! You ALSO Get Awesome Bonuses...

Bonus 1:
Email Sequence Vault

You will get access to our complete Email Drips Swipe File Collection of 109+ Email Drip Campaign Examples with all the emails in the sequence:

Value: $297,00

Fight the blank page and launch high converting email drips!

Bonus 2:
Sales Funnel Vault

You will get access to our growing Sales Funnel Swipe File Collection of 100+ Sales Funnel Examples with all the pages in the funnel:

Value: $297,00

Funnel hack the experts and launch succesful funnels fast!

Bonus 3:
Sales Page Vault

You will get access to our complete Sales Letter Swipe File Collection of 50+ Examples:

Value: $197,00

Swipe 7 figure sales pages and double your conversions

Total Value: $1.982,00

Need more email templates?
Your Yearly Plans ALSO include...

145+ Weekly Email Newsletter Scripts

What do you once your email list starts to grow? You send your subscribers your weekly newsletters to build trust!​

Generate 145+ Weeks of High-Converting Email Newsletter Copy In Seconds to Boost Your Open Rates, Clicks and Sales

Value: $497,00

Watch Newsletter Scripts Explainer Video:

Cold Email Scripts to generate leads

How do you get more leads for your business without huge advertising budgets? You send cold outreach emails to your ideal customers!

But cold outreach can be hard. That's why only 1% of cold outreach emails receive a reply. So we've created Cold Email Scripts to fix this...​

Generate High-Converting Cold Email Outreach Copy In Seconds to Boost Your Open Rates, Replies and Flood Your Pipeline With Quality Leads:

Value: $597,00

Watch Cold Email Scripts Explainer Video:

Total Value: $1.094,00

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100% 14-Day Money Back Guarantee

ConvertScripts™ has the power to transform your business. Of course that's guaranteed. If within 14 days you are not happy with this program in any way, we will give you 100% of your money back. No questions asked! This way, you can try 100% risk free so give it a try today!

Check out what these reviews from other ConvertScripts™ Users

"I launched a whole email sequence in a few minutes."

Henk Boersema
Online marketeer
"Forget staring at your screen for hours thinking of the right words. My clients love me for it"
Tom Sluizeman
Owner Digital Web Buddy
"It saves me so much time thinking of the right structure and words."
Thomas de Jong
"Great writing software. Gets the job done quickly."
Niek Giavedoni
Owner SpotOn Marketing
ConvertScripts saves me lots of time crafting high converting copy. Love it!"
Gijs Wierda
Freelance Conversion Specialist

Frequently asked questions

Can I get an invoice for my payment?

A: Yes, you can add your details and download an invoice from your accounts page as soon as you become a member. This is useful for expensing EmailDrips to your employer or for tax purposes.

What if I don't have an email list?

A: These scripts will work for any email list size. Small lists and big lists.

That being said... If you don't have an email list yet, you might want to start there first.

These scripts will help you write emails that convert, so once you've got some subscribers this is exactly what you will need.

Do I learn how to structure effective email copy?

A: Yes! With these email copy templates, you will discover the frameworks and formulas behind effective story- and value based emails. You will also know exactly how to implement them for maximum conversions.

Does this work for every industry?

A: No matter the industry you’re in, you’ll need to build engagement and trust with your subscribers. ConvertScripts will help you to do exactly that.

What types of templates will you be adding?

A: New copy, templates, funnels & campaigns are added based on requests from members as well as what is likely to attract new members.

I have a hard time coming up with ideas on what to write. Will these scripts help?

A: Yes! You will get our email scripts, subject line formulas and sequences vault for ideas on what to write. And in addition to that, you will learn how to turn everyday situations into profitable emails. You will also discover our main sources of inspiration for new email content. So this bundle will definitely help you!

I don’t want to sound to “salesy” and have a hard time developing my own “style”. Will this help?

A: Yes! By showing you examples and teaching you how to develop your own style, you will master your own "writing style" 🙂

I don’t have a product yet. Is this still useful?

A: Yes! You can also use everything you will learn to promote other peoples products as an affiliate. Or you can sell writing services as a freelancer to help other people with their emails. This will create new income for you!

Do you have a refund policy?

A: Sure! If you're not getting value from these scripts, let us know within 2 weeks and we'll refund your money. No hard feelings!

I have a different question that is not listed here

A: You can always reach out to us on info@emaildrips.com. Just send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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4.8 based on 87 reviews