Swipe proven 6-7 figure email drips, sales funnels, ads and sales pages

EmailDrips is a curated library of proven email sequences, funnels and ads to help you launch & scale better campaigns:

Unlimited access to the EmailDrips Vault from $12,42/month

3 month access

$ 49 billed every 3 months
  • Sales Funnels Vault
  • Email Drip Campaigns Vault
  • Sales Pages Vault
  • Facebook Ads Vault

12 month access

SAVE 25%
$ 149 billed yearly (save 25%)
  • Sales Funnels Vault
  • Email Drip Campaigns Vault
  • Sales Pages Vault
  • Facebook Ads Vault
  • Copy-and-Paste Email Sequence Templates
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Grow By "Spying" on Proven 6-7 Figure Campaigns:

The Ultimate Funnel Swipes Vault includes...

Vault 1: Sales Funnels

"Funnel hack" the experts and launch succesful funnels fast!

"You will get access to our ever-growing Sales Funnel Swipe File Collection of 100+ Examples with all the pages in the funnel:

- Product Launch Funnels

- B2B Lead Generation Funnels (Calls)

- Challenge Funnels

- Ecommerce Funnels

- Membership Funnels

- Saas Funnels (Software-as-a-Service)

- Survey / Quiz Funnels

- Video Sales Letter Funnels

- (Virtual) Summit Funnels

- Webinar Funnels

Value: $997

Vault 2: Email Drip Campaigns

Fight the blank page and launch high converting email drips!

You will get access to our complete Email Drips Campaign Swipe File Collection of 80+ Examples with all the emails in the sequence:

- New Subscriber Welcome Email Sequences

- Sales Email Sequences

- Free Trial Email Sequences

- Webinar (Sales) Email Sequences

- Product Launch Email Sequences

- Cart Abandonment Email Sequences

- Onboarding Email Sequences

- (Virtual Summit) Email Sequences

- Live Event Email Sequences

- And much, much more

Value: $297

Vault 3: Sales Letters & Sales Pages

Swipe 7-figure sales letters and double your conversions

What is the best way to structure your sales page? What is the correct order and what should you write? How should you structure your offer? How do you use urgency & scarcity? Get all these questions answered with the sales page vault!

You will get access to our complete Sales Letter Swipe File Collection of 50+ Examples:

- Course Salespages

- Coaching Salespages

- Mastermind Salespages

- Software Salespages

- Ecommerce Salespages

- Summit Salespages

- And much, much more

Value: $297

Vault 4: Facebook & Instagram Ads

Model million dollar campaigns & launch winning campaigns

Never run out of inspiration for your next campaign(s). 

You will get access to our complete Facebook & Instagram Ads Swipe File Collection of 100+ Examples with all the ads:

- Facebook Image Ads

- Facebook Video Ads

- Instagram Image Ads

- Instagram Video Ads

- Ads for Info products

- Ads for Ecommerce

- Ads for Software & Saas

- Ads for Service & Coaching

- And much, much more

Value: $297

Your Yearly Membership ALSO includes...

Email Sequence Templates

High converting email sequences included with your yearly membership

Generate high-converting email sequences fast (new email sequence templates added monthly)! 

Customize these proven email sequences and turn more leads into customers. Stop fighting the blank page and launch these email sequences:

- New subscribers - Welcome email sequence
- New subscribers - Lead magnet to sales email sequence
- Prospects - Lead Magnet to - Webinar Email Sequence
- Prospects - Cart Abandonment Email Sequence
- Prospects - Webinar to Sales Email Sequence + Post webinar Sales Email Sequence
- Prospects - Product Launch Email Sequence
- Prospects - Lead Magnet to Free Consultation Sequence (Services)
- Prospects - Flash Sale Email Sequence
- New customer (Software) - Free trial Email Sequence
- New customer (Course) - Onboarding Email Sequence
- New customer - Upsell email Email sequence
- Cold Subscribers - Re-Engagement Email
- Old Customers - Winback Sequence

Value: $497

Frequently asked questions

Can I get an invoice for my payment?
Yes, you can add your details and download an invoice from your accounts page as soon as you become a member. This is useful for expensing EmailDrips to your employer or for tax purposes.

Can I cancel my subscription?
Yes ofcourse! Just let us know via this form and we will immediately cancel your subscription. No hard feelings!

What types of products will you be adding every week?
New funnels & campaigns are added based on requests from members as well as what is likely to attract new members. Not all requests can be met (because some funnels & campaigns are very hard to get to), but we do our best to make sure you're getting useful funnels & campaigns for whatever problems you're trying to solve.

Can I get a refund if I don't like what I see?
Sure! If you're not getting value from EmailDrips, let us know within 2 weeks and we'll refund your money.

Why is this so expensive?
It takes ages getting these funnels & campaigns swiped and uploaded, so the price needs to cover all of that fun stuff. With that being said, if you don't think EmailDrips will save you the price of purchase of time and effort or provide you with enough value of marketing insights, it's probably not for you.

Why is this so cheap?
While some companies get huge value from EmailDrips, we want to make sure students and new product people can make use of it too. For custom recordings and extra services, you can pay us more.

Where can I contact you?

You can reach us at info@emaildrips.com with your questions.