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The biggest library of Email drip campaign examples

If you want to start using the power of drip emails in your business, it's easy to get overwhelmed with all the possibilities. What kind of sequences should I use? How should I structure my email campaigns? What should I write? Because there is no place to get inspiration for drip emails anywhere on the internet, we decided to create Email Drips. Now you can easily filter through the different kind of email sequences most suitable to your product or service.

Different types of drip marketing campaigns

We have tried to sort all the drip campaigns into several categories. First you can select the type of product you want to send drip emails for (software, services, information products). You can also select your niche (marketing, heath & fitness, etc.) or the type of customers you sell to (B2B of B2C). But our favorite is the filter for the type of email sequence you want to send. You can get inspiration for your next webinar sequence, an upcoming product launch, a free trial or drip emails to onboard new subscribers, you name it!

Inspiration from the best marketers at the top companies

At Email Drips it is our goal to become the number 1 source of marketing inspiration in the world. That's why we focus on getting you the best marketing examples from the top marketers at industry leading companies. All the people and companies in our library where huge inspirations for us at our marketing agency, so we hope this will help you as well. By learning from the top companies in the world you get speed up your learning curve and achieve succes quicker!

Share your favorite drip emails with us

Have a great email campaign example you really love? Please share it with us via our submit page. We are always looking for more cool email drip campaign examples. We will try to keep updating the library with new email drip campaigns regularly, but it can be quite some work :). That's why all your help is truly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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