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Upsell Emails

Upsell Email examples (Full Sequences)

Would you like to sell an upgrade of your product to your customers? Take a look at these upsell email examples to see how some of the best marketers do it!

With these examples you can:

  • Learn the structure of an upsell email to get existing customers to buy more from you.
  • Get inspired by experts for what to write in your own upsell emails.
  • Improve the relationships with your existing customers and create more value for them
  • And much more…

Selling to existing customers successfully

Upselling is a brilliant strategy to sell more products. It means that you target your existing customers and try to make them an upgraded version of your product. 

Why is it so good?

Because your existing customers already know about your product and trust your company. There is no need to go through all the troubles of marketing to a new customer. You can easily highlight the benefits of an upgraded product and make them see the value of buying. 

If you want to upsell your products like an expert, check out our upsell email examples. We have collected examples from some of the best email marketers. Check out our library!

Want to learn more?

How to use our upsell email examples

We collected a bunch of upsell email sequences from successful companies to learn from. That way we could learn from the best examples there are. 

Now you can get access to these examples too!

In our library, you will find some examples of upsell email sequences from marketing pros. 

With these examples, you can learn how to:

  • Promote your more expensive products.
  • Improve buyer experience.
  • Reduce the number of customers churning.
  • Encourage long-term relationships with customers and boost loyalty.  

Take a look at our upsell email examples and get started with your own sequence! 

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