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Abandoned Cart Email Examples

Abandoned Cart Email Examples​​

Is there anything worse than having shoppers leave your website with a cart full of products? Don’t think so! No need to worry, a lot of businesses struggle with this problem. But there is a way to get shoppers back to finish their purchases. By using emails, you can recover those lost sales. And on this page, you will find successful abandoned cart email examples.

Use them to:

  • Learn how the top marketers use emails to re-engage cart abandoners.
  • Get inspired to create your own cart abandonment email sequence.
  • Find out what to write in your emails.
  • And much more...

A simple solution to recover lost sales

Emails are a very popular way to treat cart abandonment. And for good reason too! You can set up emails to be sent to the recipient based on a trigger. So you should send the first email within the first hour of the shopper leaving the site. Then you get the highest chance of sale recovery. You can even set up a trigger to send the shopper an abandoned cart email right after leaving the page. 

On this page, you will find some abandoned cart email examples from some of the best email marketers. They got significant results with the cart abandonment emails, so we investigated how…

Here’s what we found out...

How to write cart abandonment emails

Many of our abandoned cart email examples have a similar structure. The typical layout of the sequences has these three goals:

  1. Get the shoppers back to the site to buy the products in their carts.
  2. Ask if there are any technical issues or other reasons the prospect abandoned their cart.
  3. Build urgency that makes the shopper stop hesitating about buying. 

Have these goals in mind when you are creating your sequence and you can ensure a higher sales recovery.

Need a quick solution?

Based on our abandoned cart email examples, we have created a template you can use. Generate your cart abandonment emails in no time.

Tips for using our abandoned cart email examples

There are good reasons you should use cart abandonment emails. First, they are the emails with the highest opens on average. Second, you can recover up to 19% of your sales with the right email sequence. 

Take inspiration from these abandoned cart email examples to find out what to include in your own sequence. 

You can also make it super easy for yourself and set up your cart abandonment emails in minutes. By using our template, you can write your details in the generator and make an entire sequence. It will fully customize the sequence for your business or your client’s. 

You can use the template again and again!

If you need some subject lines to choose from, we can also help you with that. Our Subject line generator can create a list of cart abandonment email subject lines in seconds. Fully customizable to your needs!

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