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Email examples for your virtual summit

You’re ready to bring your online marketing to the next level and decided to host a virtual summit. In order to have a successful virtual summit, you want to have a well-planned sequence of emails. 

We have compiled sequences used by some of the best virtual summit creators from the likes of Neil Patel, Ryan Levesque, HubSpot, and more. 

Using these virtual summit email examples will help you build a list, increase conversions on your website, make more money and grow your business.

What is a virtual summit?

There are many different types of events you can host as an online marketer. Virtual summits, webinars, and online challenges are just a few of the ways to engage with your audience and build your list. 

The difference between a virtual summit and a webinar is, a summit typically lasts for one or multiple days with multiple speakers. Each speaker is doing a master class about their expertise. In short, a virtual summit contains multiple webinars during the event. 

Virtual summits are growing in popularity since the digital format is much cheaper and people from anywhere in the world can attend. 

With a virtual summit email sequence, you can capture your audience’s attention and bring your online marketing to the next level!

Why use an email sequence for virtual summits?

The goal is to keep the prospects engaged so they are not only subscribing but also attending your summit and converting (possibly by purchasing an all access-pass or another type of conversion) 

Virtual summits have lots of advantages for your business. Some benefits include:

  • Builds email lists quickly 
  • Positions the presenters as experts (and also you as the host!)
  • Generates sales such as an all-access pass to the whole summit
  • Develops partnerships with other experts in the industry.

Browse through our email examples for virtual summits to gain inspiration and find tips and tricks on how to get attendees to your virtual event.