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12 Ecommerce Funnel examples

Want to build a high performing ecommerce conversion funnel? Check out these ecommerce funnel examples from successful companies.

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How to turn more leads into buyers

Ecommerce conversion funnels are super effective. If done correctly… Structuring an ecommerce funnel takes a lot of time and constant rework before it will be perfect.
An ecommerce conversion funnel consists of capture, squeeze, or landing pages. And with sales copy written to get the potential customers to buy. In short, the funnel will guide the prospect from the awareness stage to the buying stage.
It’s called a funnel because it organizes all leads into the top and narrows down their actions to the point of sale. So more people enter the funnel at the first stage and fewer prospects travel through to the last stage. But with a good ecommerce conversion funnel, you can prevent people from leaving the funnel and guide them to the sale.
When customers shop online it’s important that the path is clear for them. They usually have many options to buy from your competitors if your site is too complicated. If your website is not clear enough you will miss out on a lot of sales. That’s why ecommerce conversion funnels are so important to consider for an online business.
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The examples you will find in our library come from real-life successful companies. So you know that each of them works. You can use these ecommerce funnel examples to get inspired by marketing experts.
Learning by example will give you a headstart and ensure that your ecommerce funnel will have all essential elements.
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