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17 Quiz Funnel Examples

Do you want to understand your target audience better? Then you should use quiz funnels! On this page, you will find 14 examples of quiz funnels that expert marketers use.

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The power of knowing your audience

Knowing who you are selling your products to is essential for successful businesses. If you offer a product to the wrong audience, it won’t sell. It happens a lot that companies do not realize that the reason they failed is that the audience wasn’t right. They might even think that it’s the product that is not good enough and give up on it. Which is just sad. Instead, you should ensure that both your product and marketing efforts fit the needs of the intended audience.

But how do you know your intended audience’s needs?

By using quiz funnels!

By using a survey or quiz you can collect key information about your target audience. Then you can better meet their needs.

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How to use our quiz funnel examples

On this page, you find examples of how marketing experts structure their quiz funnels.

What makes them different from other online examples?

We handpicked ours from the top-performing funnels only. That way you can learn by the best examples out there!
The examples are versatile for many types of businesses. But we have a variety of quiz funnels, so you can choose examples that are like your or your clients’ products. You can also look at examples with the same quiz funnel goal as yours to see how they structure their questions.

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