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Flash Sale Emails

Flash Sale Email Sequence Examples​​

Take inspiration from our collection of flash sale email examples and get the most out of your sale!

By writing a strong flash sale sequence you can: Introduce the product on sale and highlight the benefits.
Use success stories to make your recipient trust you.
Answer the FAQ to remove any doubts your prospects may have before buying.
Create urgency to get the shoppers to take action quickly.
And much more…

Get inspired by sequence examples from real-life successful companies right here on Emaildrips.

Get the most out of your flash sale with emails

In short, a flash sale is a limited time offer. Usually, it has a higher discount than normal promotions. A good example of a flash sale is Black Friday sales. 

The reason for big sales is to create urgency and trigger the prospects fear of missing out. The prospect only have a short time and the discount is so big, they will act on impulse.

And with the use of flash sale emails, you can:

  • Get your prospects excited about your product before the sale.
  • Create urgency during the sale.
  • Collect feedback after the sale.

Use our flash sale email examples to learn how the top marketing pros get the most out of their sales.

Advice for using our email examples

The better your emails are, the more sales you can make. That’s why we suggest learning by examples, rather than trying to find out what works by yourself. And what is better than examples? Examples from some of the most successful email marketers! 

In our collection, you will find full email sequences from different industries. Study them and learn how to structure your sequence, write persuasively, and sell your product. 

Flash sale emails are also a great strategy to get new leads or re-engage inactive previous customers. Some other benefits of a flash sale email sequence include:

  • Boost brand awareness.
  • Improve customer relationships and loyalty.
  • Encourage customers to check out non-sale products on the site.
  • Increase the click-through rate by up to 74%.

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How to create a flash sale email sequence

There is no need for you to spend years getting your own experience in email marketing. With Emaildrips, it’s possible to skip those steps and use what is already proven to work. 

On this page, you can find a bunch of sequence examples from successful email campaigns. Use them to study and learn how to write your own. 

Do you want to quickly launch a great flash sale email sequence? You can! We have created a template based on real-life examples. You can make it your own by filling in your details and generating your copy. 

Who knew you could write an entire sequence in minutes?

If you want some more choices for your flash sale email subject lines, we can also help you with that. Our generator has 31 subject lines for promotional emails which are fully customizable for your business.

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