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Onboarding Emails

Onboarding Email Examples (Full Sequences)

Want to give your new customers an amazing first experience with your product? Check out these onboarding email examples from some of the most successful email marketers!

Here is what a good onboarding email sequence will do:

  • Guide the new user step-by-step to discover the full value of your product.
  • Re-engage the inactive users that have not gone through the steps of the onboarding.
  • Build trust and create long-term relationships with your new users.
  • Upsell an upgraded version of your product.
  • And a lot more…

We have collected entire sequences of onboarding email examples for you to get inspired by! Find them right here on Emaildrips.

Giving new users a great experience

A lot of strategy goes into writing a great onboarding email series. The reason for this is that onboarding typically requires a longer sequence of emails than others. The emails should also match each other for a seamless reader experience. 

The goal of most of our onboarding email sequence examples is to get users to see the full value of your product. So, each email focus on a different key benefit of the product. Especially for an advanced product, it’s good to show the different uses of the product too. 

Get inspired by onboarding email sequence examples

We wanted to learn as much as possible about onboarding email sequences. So we studied some from email marketing experts. By collecting entire email sequences, we were able to closely examine what makes them successful. Now we are here to share the knowledge with you!

In our library, you will find examples of entire onboarding email sequences from real-life companies. 

Here is a typical onboarding email sequence example:

  1. Welcome - Making a great first impression.
  2. Give a tip - Shows the basic features.
  3. Present a case - Tell a success story of someone using your product.
  4. Show the most important attribute - Why your product is better than your competition.
  5. A personal message - Written by a representative.
  6. Offer help - Asks how things are going and if the user needs any help.
  7. Create urgency - Encourages the user to take action before the trial is over.
  8. Last chance - The last effort to turn the user into a paying customer.
  9. Sneak peek - Show what the prospect gets if they upgrade their plan.

As you can see in this example, a lot of emails go into an onboarding sequence.

But that does NOT mean it should take a long time to write...

Extra tips for using onboarding email examples

As mentioned earlier, you can use the onboarding email sequence examples in our library to get inspiration for your own. But if you want to have a quick solution to successful onboarding… you can!

Based on the examples from experts, we have created a template. It makes it easier for you to create your own sequence. You just need to fill in your details and click generate to get your own customized email sequence. 

Who knew you could write an entire onboarding email series in minutes? We knew!

To make sure your onboarding emails get opened, you can use our subject line generator. Fully customized for your business and is 100% free to use. 

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