Onboarding Email Template

If you want to give your new customers a great experience with your product, use this onboarding email template! 

By using this template, you can: 

  • Step-by-step guide your new users to reach the full value of your product.
  • Re-engage inactive users that have not gone through the steps.
  • Highlight and upsell an upgrade of your product. 

Take a few minutes to fill in the formula on the right side. Click generate copy... and you have an entire onboarding email sequence within seconds!

Here are all the emails you get with this template:

  • Email 1: Welcome + First Step On Success Path - Welcomes and shows the customer the first step to get them to the “Aha!”-moment. 
  • Email 2: Second Step of Success Path - Informs the next steps on the path.
  • Email 3: Third Step of Success Path - Informs the next steps on the path.
  • Email 4 (inactive users): Previous step not completed - Sent to the users who have not completed one of the previous steps. It explains why the steps are important.
  • Email 5 (inactive users): Reminder previous step not completed - Points out the importance of doing each step to reach the “Aha!”-moment. 
  • Email 6 (active users): Highlight Key Feature(s) - Highlight key features to make the recipient fall in love with the product. 
  • Email 7 (active users): Upsell email - Offers the prospect the opportunity to upgrade to a more expensive plan.

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Get users excited about your product

The onboarding email sequence is do-or-die for SaaS businesses. It’s used to highlight all the reasons the user should buy your product after their trial ends. 

A lot of strategy goes into writing an onboarding sequence because it has many emails. And they all match up to each other… 

We have studied the onboarding sequences by the most successful companies and found there is an obvious structure used. Based on those sequences, we created an onboarding email template that has everything you need. 

How to use our onboarding email template

We have made it super simple for you! You just have to fill in your details on the right sidebar and you will have your own onboarding email sequence. 

Who would have thought it would take less than 2 minutes to write an entire sequence?

We based the onboarding email template on one of the most successful email marketers. So you know it works! Now you can make it your own version of it! 

You can also use this template to get inspiration for what to write in your own sequence. By studying the structure, you can learn what to include in an onboarding sequence. Make sure you don’t miss anything in your sequence! 

Do you want to learn more about onboarding email sequences?

By using Emaildrips, you get more than templates. You also get access to a library of email examples from the top marketing pros. 

We have a collection of 20 onboarding email sequences you can use to learn everything you need to know. Look how the pros secure a great onboarding experience for their users.

It’s unnecessary to start from the beginning with email marketing. Make it easy for yourself and use proven emails to bring results. 

If you want to use different subject lines than what we provide with the onboarding email template, you can! Our subject line generator can help you create more subject lines, that will fit your onboarding email sequence. Once again, just fill in your details and you can choose between 33 onboarding email subject lines

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