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13 Challenge Funnel Examples

Are you ready to challenge your prospects and make them engage with you more? Then you should check out these high performing challenge funnels from top marketers!

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  • Learn how to build a challenge funnel your prospects will want to join.
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Advantages of challenges

Did you know you can use challenges to generate leads for your business? It’s easy! And it’s very effective too.
In short, a challenge funnel uses the desired results that the target audience seeks and puts it up as a challenge.

Besides a challenge funnel can also be helpful to get a lot of new prospects to try your product. You want to inspire the adoption of the solution you are giving with your product. With a funnel, you can also upsell other products more easily. So you challenge your prospects and reveal an ultimate offer during or at the end of the challenge.

But creating a good challenge funnel for your businesses can be challenging. No pun intended. There is no need to worry though. We are here to help you out!

How to use our challenge funnel examples

It’s quite a new concept in the world of digital marketing so there are only a few examples available. But we have managed to find great challenge funnels that had high success. And by joining EmailDrips you can get access to all these examples. You get powerful insights into how expert marketers structure their funnels and much more.
The most common problem we see with challenge funnels are:

  1. Not using the right challenge that benefits the target audience.
  2. Poor funnel structure.
  3. Unclear objectives of the challenge.

But there is an easy way to avoid making those mistakes! By using proven challenge funnel examples, you can learn what to do and what not to do. Study the structure and get inspired to create your own funnel. Check out any of the examples on this page and get started.