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Webinar Emails

Webinar Email Examples

Webinars are becoming more popular in the marketing industry. There are a lot of benefits to choosing to go online with your seminar. One of the major advantages is you can reach a wider audience. People can attend from anywhere in the world, and you want them to take part in your webinar. We have collected webinar email examples from some of the most successful companies. They each had a high participation rate. Look at how they used emails to promote the webinar, how they got people to join and how they sold their products. Crack the code of webinars today.

Webinar Email Examples

There are a lot of steps to consider when you want to host a webinar. It is not enough to send one webinar invite email and hope people will join based on that. Instead, you need to have a sequence of emails from before, during, and after the webinar to get the most out of it.

In our library, you will find webinar email examples of entire sequences from different industries. Our library comprises:

  1. Webinar invite email - The first word about the webinar that tells the recipient why they should join the webinar.
  2. Some webinar confirmation email examples - mention the key reasons why they should join the webinar.
  3. Webinar reminder email - It is important to keep notifying the prospect of when the event is happening. The days leading up to the webinar and even up to an hour before the webinar is happening.
  4. Thank you for attending email - Let them know a recorded version of the webinar will be available.
  5. Post webinar follow up email - Sum up the key teachings from the webinar and lead to a recorded version of the webinar in case they did not take part.
  6. Webinar follow up email - Try to sell your products, summarize the webinar, along with future events.

You can use our webinar email examples to get inspired when you are creating your own sequence.

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Why use a webinar email sequence?

The goal is to keep the prospects engaged with your webinar. Not only accepting the webinar invite email but also attending the event. With more people attending the webinar, the higher your chances are to sell your product.

That also means you need several emails in the sequence to get the best results.

At the beginning of the sequence, you want to send a couple of webinar invite emails, that explains what the webinar is about and why they should attend. There is a chance they missed the first webinar invite email, which is why you can send another. Use our examples as webinar invitation templates.

How the webinar email sequence is structured

When the prospect has registered to attend your event, you should thank them for joining. Take inspiration from our webinar confirmation email examples in the library.

Before the event takes place, you need to send many reminders to keep the prospects engaged. In each sequence, you will find webinar reminder email examples you can use for your own campaign. Notice how the reminders are unique to keep the attendees interested.

After the event has happened, it is good to send some post webinar follow up emails. The goal is to sell more of the products that were pitched during the webinar. In a follow up webinar email, you sum up the webinar and perhaps lead them to watch a video of the lecture. The next webinar follow up email can explain the product thoroughly and link to your sales page. You can also include a deadline to urge the recipient to take action in a follow up webinar email. Sending a bonus discount is also a good example of a follow up email after a webinar.

Get inspired and use the many examples in our library as webinar invitation templates and webinar follow up email templates.

You don’t need to create your own sequence when you can use what is proven to be successful.

If you want to know more about webinars...

What is a webinar exactly?

As the name suggests, a webinar is an online interactive seminar. Usually takes 30-90 minutes. A presenter will share knowledge with the participants and questions can be asked. The goal of the webinar is to sell a product or service to the partakers.

So a typical structure would be:

  1. Teachings about the subject from a qualified presenter.
  2. A Sales pitch of a product related to the webinar subject.
  3. Q&A session.

It is a successful strategy that many of the top marketers use. They can invite their whole email list, as there are no physical limits to how many can attend. Companies can also partner up to create a webinar together. Then each can grow each of their customer bases quickly.

Additionally, Webinars have lots of other advantages such as:

  • Cost-effective because it is online.
  • Reach a wider audience.
  • Much easier to attend for everyone.
  • The audience can replay the webinar.
  • Positions the presenters as experts (and also you as the host!)
  • Generates sales from products pitched during the webinar.
  • Develops partnerships with other experts in the industry.

By using our webinar email examples, you can ensure that your event will provide better results.

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