Membership Funnel Examples

Looking for some inspiration to create a membership funnel? Well then you've hit the jackpot! Here on this website is the largest collection of membership funnels on the internet. Turning visitors into members can be difficult, with the biggest challenge being finding the right examples to imitate. Many small businesses out there are missing out on growing their membership numbers due to poor funnel design or the lack thereof. And this means a lot of money being left on the table. For small businesses, leaving money on the table translates to zero revenue growth. You don’t want to leave money on the table, do you? Don’t sweat it – we have got you covered. Our website houses the largest membership funnel library on the web. In other words, we have got so many funnel examples, you will be swimming in inspiration to create your own funnel in no time. Ready to dive in? Scroll down and check out top performing membership funnel from the savviest marketers in the business.

Membership Funnel Templates

The membership funnel templates in our collection are real life examples that are currently getting some amazing results for their original authors. And so, you can never go wrong applying the same ideas to build your own funnel.

With our membership sales funnel templates, you can:

  • - Easily pick ideas on how to structure your membership funnel to grow your membership
  • - Save you the time and effort of creating funnels from scratch all by yourself, and
  • - Help you see into the minds of successful marketers and think like them, too.

Our funnels cut across various industries and business types. Therefore, whatever your industry is, you can find one that suits your needs. It’s important to mention that all funnel samples in our database are original and unedited.

What Is a Membership Funnel?

This is a series of pages, forms, and copies created to get website visitors to join a membership. It is called a funnel because it streamlines everyone that comes in from the top and narrows their actions down to the point where they join your members’ area. And so, more people enter the funnel at the beginning of the funnel, but fewer come out as members on the other end.

See some real life examples above to help you understand better.

Why Use a Membership Funnel?

The major reason you need a funnel is efficiency in conversion. A funnel is a highly efficient (and affordable) way to grow your membership list. Most internet users will not become a member of just any group on the web. Therefore, a lead funnel is a system that helps convert website visitors into members. With a membership sales funnel you can guide visitors to the point where they sign up on your membership website. Therefore, you must ensure that you are offering enough value to get your ideal customer interested in joining your membership.

Furthermore, for a membership funnel to be effective, it must provide valuable information about your community and why your target customers should be a part of it. This way, their minds are set right before you make your membership offer. You can pick an example from our library and see how savvy marketers use funnels to grow their membership.

How to Use Our Membership Funnel Library?

Using our funnel library is pretty easy.

All you need to do is:

  • - Sign up with your name and email address to get full (and secure) access to all of our free funnel templates.
  • - Browse through the gallery and look for funnels that were designed for products similar to yours.
  • - Study the structure or just copy, paste, and edit the template.

When you do, you need to study the structure or just copy, paste, and edit the template. When building your funnel, try to throw in some information about your website/community telling your visitors what they stand to gain if they join.