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11 Membership Funnel Examples

Do you want to turn more website visitors into members? Then check out these handpicked membership funnels that marketing experts use!

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How to turn visitors into members of your site

By using a membership funnel, you have a series of pages, forms, and copies made to turn visitors into members on your site. It’s called a funnel because it will lead all visitors towards certain actions. But only a few will actually do them. Though, with a strong membership funnel structure, you can make sure that more people go through the whole funnel and become members.

A funnel is a good and cheap way to grow your member count. Since most internet users will not become a member of just any company on the web, you will need to talk them into it. And a membership funnel will help you give your visitors good reasons to join you. As well as guide them to the sign-up. 

The most important step is to offer good value to your prospects to make them interested in joining.  

But how?

What pro marketers can teach you about membership funnels

It’s challenging to make funnels, and it’s hard to get a good overview of high performing membership funnels. Especially, if you don’t know where to look. Finding examples of entire funnels to see how other companies do it is too…

But not anymore! Now that we are here.

On this page, you will find 11 examples of membership funnels from real-life successful businesses. You can use these examples to learn everything there is to know about getting visitors to join your membership.

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