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AWeber vs Drip 2021 | All-in-one Review

AWeber vs Drip 2021 | All-in-one Review

Looking for a side-by-side comparison of AWeber vs Drip? Look no further! In this in-depth review you will discover the differences in pricing, core-features, integrations and the main pros and cons of both tools. You will also learn about the top 3 alternatives of AWeber or Drip. So continue reading to discover which tool is best for you...

Overal Score: ★★★ 3.0/5

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Overal Score: ★★★ 3.3/5

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AWeber vs Drip Side-by-Side Comparison Table

Below you can find our checklist with which we've analysed AWeber vs Drip. Not only do we try to cover the "what" of each tool, we also try to tell you the "why" by giving you the review scores with our opinion explained (if you hoover over the score itself). 

Overall Rating★★★ 3.0/5★★★ 3.3/5
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Pros and cons
Main Pros🟢 Good support & huge community🟢 Best segmentation (with events)
 🟢 Great integrations with apps🟢 Good for ecommerce
 🟢 Vast selection of form templates🟢 Good visual automation builder
 🟢 Email builder is simple and effective🟢 Good drag-and-drop email editor
 🟢 Good broadcast campaign reporting🟢 Detailed reporting & tracking
 🟢 Shareable workflows & automations
Main Cons🔴 Pay for unsubscribed contacts🔴 Waaaay too expensive
 🔴 Limited automation triggers & builder🔴 Limited email templates
 🔴 Limited splittesting (only subject lines)🔴 Limited form builder
 🔴 Limited automation reporting🔴 Hard to splittest content inside emails
🔴 Outdated email templates
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Capabilities Detailed ReviewRatingRating
1 – Email builder★★★ 3.5/5
AWeber's visuals are a bit outdated, but all in all it's pretty effective in setting up emails.
★★★★ 4.0/5
Since July of 2018 Drip has implemented a new visual builder. It's fun and easy to use. Drip has so many features when it comes to setting up automations that you need some time to get acquainted with it.
2 – Email templates★★ 2.0/5
AWeber has a vast selection of templates, but their designs are a bit outdated. For $29 you can have a template modified by the AWeber staff, and for $229 you can have your own design made.
Not good in terms of email templates. They don't have a good library of pre-made templates. But with the new visual builder you should be able to create some good ones yourself.
3 – Form builder★★★ 3.0/5
A bit basic, but a large selection of form types.
★★★ 3.5/5
Although design options are limited, there are plenty of different form types. What's cool, is that you can customize the visibility and the behavior associated.
4 – List management & segmentation★★★ 3.0/5
​The tagging options are a bit limited and outdated, but list management is nicely done.
★★★★★ 5.0/5
Nothing bad can be said about Drip's segmentation options. After doing our Drip review we must say they are without a doubt the best tool when it comes to segmentation. They go a step further than tags with their "events" feature. It's like tags, but with more contextual information (like time the tag was applied, the price associated with it, etc). This is tags on steroids basically.
5 – Automation★★ 2.0/5
It is fairly easy to use, but the features of setting up automations are limited. There are only two ways to set up an automation with AWeber. One is when somebody subscribes to a list, the other is when you apply a tag. You can not create triggers based on certain behaviour, like the purchasing of a product.
★★★★ 4.0/5
Drip’s automations are centered around user-friendliness and smoothness. It works with ‘rules’ and ‘workflows’, which make setting up simple automations easy. They've also recently introduced ""sharable workflow" "which are basically pre-built automations you can import into your account with 1 click. This saves you a lot of time"
6 – Splittesting★★ 2.0/5
A/B-testing is possible, but a bit tricky. With AWeber, you can A/B-test broadcasts and subject lines but that's it. Testing content inside of emails seems to be possible but we could not figure out how to do it. And no automation splittesting, which is a big let down for such a tool. AWeber Split-testing capabilities are too basic if you ask us.
★★ 2.0/5
Drip's A/B-testing functionality quite basic compared to tools like ActiveCampaign. For example: It's hard to A/b test content inside of emails, which is easy with ActiveCampaign.
7 – Integrations★★★★ 4.0/5
AWeber integrates with basically every app (also Zapier integrations).
★★★ 3.5/5
Drip integrates with most apps, especially in the ecommerce space. And because they are part of Leadpages, we believe there will be many deep integrations with popular marketing software coming in the very near future because leadpages is working on Center (a marketing integration tool).
8 – Reporting★★★ 3.5/5
Tracking and reporting, in general, is done well with AWeber, except for reporting of automations, which is limited.
★★★★★ 5.0/5
Best tool when it comes to tracking and reporting. It offers the biggest offering of data and visually it is very nicely illustrated.
9 – Support & Community★★★★ 4.0/5
​There is no shortage of videos for using AWeber. If that's not enough, you can call them toll-free, as well as through a live chat (limited hours though). We had good support during our AWeber review.
★★★★ 4.0/5
​Live chat is available during limited hours. You have loads of support articles as well and a good support team which gives good answers. However, we do believe they could have responded a bit quicker during our Drip review.
10 – Ease of use★★★ 3.0/5
​In general this tool is not difficult to use, but some features are a bit outdated.
★★★ 3.5/5
Pretty easy to set up and start using. Especially the automation part because of their "sharable workflows" which are pre-built automations you can import into your account.
11 – Value for money★★★ 3.0/5
AWeber used to be one of the most popular tools. But after our AWeber review we must conclude that AWeber has difficulties keeping up with other tools. The prices have stayed the same though. It is affordable for low numbers of contacts, but very expensive for large amounts.
Price is the worst feature of this software. They have recently retired their free forever plan and increased their relatively high prices even further. They've got some great features, but we have to score the pricing like this when we compare to other tools.
More informationView all featuresView all features
Free trialYesYes
Free planNoNo
Price 1.000 contacts$29/month$49/month
Price 10.000 contacts$69/month$184/month
Price 25.000 contacts$149/month$370/month
Price 50.000 contacts$392/month$680/month
Price 100.000 contacts$792/month$1300/month
More informationView pricing plansView pricing plans
Marketing Features
Native Conversion tracking 🟢 🟢
Web activity tracking 🟢 🟢
Splittesting Campaigns 🟢 🟢
Splittesting Automations 🔴 🔴
Dynamic Personalized Content 🟢 🟢
Multichannel Attribution 🔴 🔴
Site Messaging 🔴 🔴
Facebook Integrations 🟢 🟢
SMS Integrations 🟢 🟢
Webinar integrations 🟢 🟢
Native Landingpage builder 🔴 🔴
Native Shopping Cart 🔴 🔴
Shopify integration 🟢 🟢
Woocommerce integration 🟢 🟢
Sales & CRM Features
Leadscoring 🔴 🟢
Native CRM System 🟢 🔴
Task Management 🔴 🔴
Realtime Sales alerts 🔴 🔴
Gmail integration 🟢 🟢
Outlook integration 🟢 🟢
Salesforce integration 🟢 🟢
Mobile App CRM 🔴 🔴
Create quotes & invoices 🔴 🔴
More informationView all featuresView all features
Overall rating★★★ 3.0/5
AWeber has been around for a long time. It's not the most advanced product available, but it contains all features that you need for your basics. Mostly, it is easy to use. AWeber's reporting for broadcasts is on point and they offer some other cool features.
★★★ 3.3/5
Drip has some outstanding features. Their segmentation options, reporting and automations are top-notch. The downside is the high price compared to other tools.
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Top 3 Aweber Alternatives

Not satisfied with AWeber vs Drip Below you can find some more alternatives for AWeber. Want even more alternatives ranked top-to-bottom? Check out our complete overview of the best email marketing services.

Alternative #1: ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is a very effective tool that just offers more in terms of setting up automations and setting up A/B-tests.

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Alternative #2: GetResponse

If you are looking for a good alternative for Aweber, then GetResponse may be a good option. It's a tool with a great tagging and segmentation system.

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Alternative #3: Drip

Drip is a good tool with some outstanding features. We would especially recommend this tool for people working in ecommerce and people who know some javascript.

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Top 3 Drip Alternatives

Not satisfied with AWeber vs Drip Below you can find some more alternatives for Drip. Want even more alternatives ranked top-to-bottom? Check out our complete overview of the best email marketing services.

Alternative #1: ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is definitely the most powerful tool we've review so far. You can easily set up the advanced automations, it has the best A/B-testing out there, plus it has advanced features for marketing ánd sales automation (which is important for B2B).

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Alternative #2: GetResponse

GetResponse is definitely one of the better tools we have reviewed. GetResponse scores really well on pricing (very affordable) and on almost all features. However, it doesn't score the best in anything. So if you need the best of the best in a certain area, keep that in mind. However, If your email marketing need are not too advanced, you will probably be happy with this tool!

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Alternative #3: ConvertKit

ConvertKit is easy to use, and suitable for those who just got started, or just need their basic automation needs covered. We would especially recommend ConvertKit to bloggers, because the founders were bloggers and created the software with this audience in mind. With ConvertKit, you can also create landing pages.

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