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Email Sequence Templates

Did you know you can use our email sequence templates to create high converting email sequence copy in seconds

  • There’s no more need for spending weeks writing copy for your email sequences.
  • Skip the steps of finding out what works by using proven email funnel templates.
  • You can just fill in your details on the sidebar and BAM! A whole email sequence that is ready to go.
  • Use templates based on successful email pros from various industries.
  • Increase your email marketing profits without effort
  • Perfect to use for yourself or for your clients! (You can sell each sequence to your clients for $500-$1500+)

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Email Sequence Templates: A quick fix to writing emails

It takes a long time and enormous effort to write an entire email sequence yourself. On top of that, you need to write A LOT of individual emails for the many different sequences you are using. 

Ain’t nobody got time for that! 

But it’s also not necessary anymore…

We have been studying the top email marketing experts for years and we have cracked the code. There is an obvious pattern of how the top marketers write their email sequences...

We have created an email copy templates based on these patterns, so you also can have a slice of the best email marketing pie. 

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Save time and learn from the top marketers

It takes a lot of years to become an expert in email marketing. But it doesn’t have to! Over the years we have carefully analyzed email sequences from the top marketing pros to learn from the best. 

We discovered the patterns of different emails sequences while reverse-engineering the best of the best.

After we analyzed all their email sequences, we created our email sequence generator. Now you can skip the steps of learning and use our templates to write emails like a pro. 

We base all our email sequence templates on real-life examples from marketing experts. So you know they work for sure.

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ConvertScripts: Email copywriting made easy

We created this email sequence generator that can help you save time on writing email sequences. All you need to do is add your or your clients’ details to the sidebar and you got an entire email sequence. It takes less than a minute!

There are many email copy generators to choose from so you can have an amazing sequence for all your marketing emails.

For example:

  • If you are selling courses and information products, you should have a killer product launch email sequence! 
  • A software company needs to get the most out of its free trials. Use our 6-part email sequence template to convert more free trial users into paying customers. 
  • Are you an agency/freelancer? Then you can impress your clients with amazing email sequences.

Everything you may need for your email marketing is possible with ConvertScripts!