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33 Product Launch Email Subject Lines [Free Generator]

Congratulations on your new product launch! We are excited for you and wish you all the success. If you also wish to get high profits, you need to use emails. A strong product launch email can mean the difference between a success and a failure. The trick with emails is to get them opened though…That’s why we have designed this generator so you can create product launch email subject lines. Get your desired results quick and easy… By using our subject line generator:

  • Create subject lines that are all proven to work to get your emails opened
  • Fits any type of industry
  • 100% free to use and ungated (No email required)
  • Unlimited uses: Generate as many subject lines as you wish!

Just fill in the blanks on the right sidebar and choose the ones you like.



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Crack the code of a successful product launch

Putting your new product on your website is not enough to make people buy it. Maybe some will buy it. But don’t you want to get the most out of your new product? 

You can do this by correctly setting up a sense of curiosity, excitement, and urgency in your product launch email sequence. Here are some ideas on how to do this:

  • Product launches typically need a series of emails to get your desired results. Because usually only 20% open your emails, you will reach more people this way.
  • Before your product is fully launched, you need to announce it is coming. Highlight what problems your product solves and inspires curiosity within your prospects. 
  • As you get closer to the launch date, create excitement for your product. Focus on product features and the release date. Include successful stories, sneak peeks, video teasers, and so on.  
  • Get creative and do something unexpected. You will be more memorable to your prospects.
  • Right before and on your launch date, you should create some urgency. You can include a temporary sale, deadline, limited stock (Only X left in stock), bonus offer if they act fast, etc. 
  • By creating urgency, you can cut any hesitation the prospect has.

Keeping this in mind is not enough...

You can create an amazing email sequence. But you will still face the challenge of getting all the emails opened. 

No need to worry though…

This is the exact reason we designed a subject line generator. Now there is no need to think about powerful product launch email subject lines. Just fill in the blanks on the right sidebar and you get 33 subject lines to choose from. Also, remember you should use a unique subject line for each email in the product launch sequence. 

Do you want to learn more?

How to create exciting product launch email subject lines

Typically, for the launch of a new product, it needs a longer email sequence. Which also calls for more subject lines. Each email should have its own purpose and angle with a unique subject line.

If you want your emails opened, remember these...

9 tips on how to improve your product launch email subject lines:

  1. Focus on curiosity when announcing the product. For example, ask questions that make the recipient think.
  2. Right before the launch, focus on creating excitement. Highlight the problems your product solves and why it improves lives.
  3. At launch and after, create a sense of urgency. Include a deadline, limited stock, etc. 
  4. Sometimes, use the name of the recipient to make them feel you wrote this email specifically for them.
  5. Be unique and show how creative you are. Use emojis to stand out. Make it related to your new product.
  6. Keep it short with less than 40 characters. You want your whole subject line shown on all devices.  
  7. Consider if your chosen words will be caught in a spam filter. Words such as “free”, “winner”, “Guarantee” and so on will negatively affect your open rate. 
  8. Don’t be bold using all caps (HELLO), too many exclamation points (!!!), or ellipsis (...)
  9. Last but not least. No clickbait!

Take all these tips into account when you are writing product launch email subject lines. Remember you also have to write many subject lines for the entire sequence. 

If you thought it was hard to write one subject line, try writing 10...

There is a way to make it easy though...

Generate great subject lines in seconds

Do you want to write the best product launch email subject lines, but find it hard to come up with interesting ones? With our generators, you'll be able to create great email subject lines instantly.

On Emaildrips, you can get free access to email subject line generators for any purpose. Whether it is sales emails, cart abandonment emails, newsletter emails, and many more. We divided the generators into different categories too. Then you can find what subject line is the most relevant for the email you are writing. 

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