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31 Subject Lines For Promotion Emails [Free Generator]

Are you looking for the best subject lines for promotion emails? Then you have come to the right place!

You can get the most out of your sale by using emails to promote it. To make sure your emails are opened, you can use our subject line generator to get:

  • Subject lines that are proven to work to get your emails opened,
  • That fits any type of industry,
  • Is 100% free and ungated (no email required), 
  • With unlimited uses: Generate as many subject lines as you wish!

You can fill in the blanks on the right sidebar and choose the ones you like the most!



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Get to the bottom of promotional emails

You would like your email list to know that you are having some kind of sales promotion going on. It could be a special offer, limited time sale, among others. 

There can be many goals of promotional emails, such as:

  • Speeding up the buying process
  • Awareness
  • End any last doubts
  • Getting new customers
  • Repeat purchases
  • Improve customer relationships
  • Or to get the receiver to take other actions

If you want to get the most out of your sales promotion, you should send emails.


You have to make sure that your prospect opens your email. Because if they don’t open it, it’s like you didn't send it...

No need to fear… Our subject line generator is here!

Use it to create amazing subject lines for promotion emails and get the most conversions possible.

Want to learn more?

How to write the best subject lines for promotion emails

You can keep the email itself short with a clear call to action. But it is likely that your recipient is receiving many emails from others, so you need to stand out. 

The subject line is the number 1 deciding part of getting your emails opened. 

So If you want your emails to get opened you should follow these...

9 tips on writing the best subject lines for promotion emails: 

  1. Use the name of the recipient to make the email personal. Make it seem like you wrote it just for them. 
  2. You can further personalize the email by using a name of a salesperson as the sender. So it doesn’t look like it’s from a company.
  3. Create some urgency and trigger the recipient’s fear of missing out.
  4. Always deliver in your email what you said you were going to deliver in the subject line. 
  5. Get creative with the use of emojis. Stand out from the rest!
  6. Keep it short with less than 60 characters. Your whole subject line should show on all devices.  
  7. Don't end up in a spam filter. Words such as “free”, “winner”, “Guarantee” and so on will negatively affect your open rate. 
  8. Don’t use all caps (HELLO), too many exclamation points (!!!), or ellipsis (...)
  9. Never use clickbait! The prospect might unsubscribe to you.

Keep this in mind when you are writing subject lines for promotional emails. 

Still not sure what to write?

Do you want to write the best subject lines for promotion emails, but find it hard to come up with interesting ones? With our generators, you'll be able to create amazing subject lines instantly.

On Emaildrips, you can get free access to email subject line generators for any purpose. Whether it is newsletter emails, B2B emails, cold emails, and many more. We also divided the generator into different categories. Then you can find what subject line is the most relevant for the email you are writing. 

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