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33 Onboarding Email Subject Lines

Would you also like to give new customers a good onboarding experience? Use these onboarding email subject lines to make sure they open your emails. 

Fill in your details to the right and use our email subject line generator to get:

  • Subject lines that improve your open rate
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Understanding Onboarding Emails

There is a great way to establish long-term engagement with your new users. You can use onboarding emails to show new customers how to get the most value from a product or service. Make them realize all the benefits they get from the product and lead them to that “Aha!”-moment. 

When it comes to onboarding emails, it’s good to have a series of emails that each focus on a key benefit. Especially if you have a product that is very complex, it’s good to show all the different uses in individual emails. 

Here is an example of a sequence for onboarding emails for a SaaS business:

  1. Welcome - Make a great first impression and make the prospect trust you.
  2. Give a tip - Help them get started with your product. Show the basic features. 
  3. Present a case - Tell a story of how someone used your product and how it leads them to success. This is especially effective for B2B onboarding. 
  4. Show the most important attribute - What makes your product better than your competitors’?
  5. A personal message - Send an email from an employee representative. Make it seem you wrote this content just for the recipient. 
  6. Offer help - Reach out to the prospect and ask how things are going and if they need any assistance.
  7. Create urgency - Remind the recipient that their trial is almost over. Encourage them to take action.
  8. Last chance - The last effort into capturing the prospect. Show gratitude and invite them to do business in the future. 
  9. Sneak peek - Show what the prospect gets out of spending extra money on upgrading their plan. 

As you can see, every email has a specific purpose. That’s also why it’s crucial that each gets opened by the recipient. 

We are sorry to tell you that making sure your recipients’ open your emails is the hardest part of email marketing. 

But there is a way...

How to write onboarding email subject lines that get opens

Your recipient is probably receiving several emails a day. So it’s important that your emails stand out from the rest in the recipient’s inbox. 

The best way to get your emails opened is through the email subject line. Remember that each email in your onboarding sequence should have a unique subject line.

We got some free tips for you to follow...

7 tips for writing good onboarding email subject lines:

  1. Use the name of the recipient to make it seem like you wrote the email for them specifically. 
  2. Have the sender be an employee representative rather than a company.
  3. Deliver in the emails what you say you will deliver in the subject lines. No clickbait!
  4. Consider using emojis to stand out. Make it related to the email.
  5. Don’t use too many words. Use less than 60 characters so the entire subject line is shown on all devices.
  6. Check if the words you use will leave your email as spam. 
  7. Don’t try to stand out by using ALL CAPS, “!!!”, or “...”

Are you still unsure of what to write as the onboarding email subject lines?

You can make it easy for yourself... 

Generate subject lines in less than a minute

We have designed a generator that makes writing subject lines a simple task. You just put in the information about you and your product and you get a list of subject lines to use. 

No more worrying about writing the subject line after writing an awesome email!

We have subject line generators for various categories, such as newsletter, cold email, cart abandonment, sales emails, and so on. 

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