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25 Urgent Email Subject Lines [Free Generator]

If you want your email recipients to act fast to your email, you should create urgency. It triggers their fear of missing out, making them take quicker steps towards the sale. If you want your prospects to open your emails, you should also use urgent email subject lines! You can use our generator to get subject lines that:

  • Are all proven to work to get your emails opened,
  • Fits any type of industry,
  • Are 100% free without email requirement,
  • Has unlimited uses: Generate as many subject lines as you wish!

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Get quick results with urgent emails 

Urgency inspires action. If you also want your recipients to do something after reading your email. Such as buying your product, you should use it too! 

There are many ways to create urgency in your emails:

  • Limited time offers
  • Low on stock
  • Countdown to the deadline
  • Restricted availability - Only available in the winter
  • “Back in stock, act fast!”

You can also include this in your urgent email subject lines!

Creating urgency is a great way to get your emails opened too. You can use our generator to create subject lines that inspire your recipients to act fast.

Do you want to learn more about creating urgency in email subject lines?

How to write urgent email subject lines that get results

It is natural for humans to rank urgent tasks higher than critical tasks. The fact that there is a deadline triggers us to act right away. 

That’s why urgency works so well in email marketing. Urgent emails get the most responses. So it’s always good to include some sort of urgency when you are trying to sell your product. 

This urgency is also usable in the subject lines!

Here are our 9 tips on writing urgent email subject lines:

  1. Use urgent words - act fast, hurry, offer expires, last chance, one day left, etc. Trigger their fear of missing out.
  2. Offer something limited. Discounts, free shipping, extra gift, etc.
  3. Clear call to action. 
  4. Trigger some emotions. Get creative with the use of emojis. 
  5. You can also use the name of the recipient to make the email more personal.
  6. Keep it short with less than 60 characters. You want your whole subject line shown on all devices.  
  7. Check if the words you use will end up in a spam filter. Words such as “free”, “winner”, “Guarantee” and so on will negatively affect your open rate. 
  8. Don’t try to be bold using all caps (HELLO), too many exclamation points (!!!), or ellipsis (...).
  9. And last but not least. Never use clickbait! The prospect might unsubscribe to you.

Keep this in mind when you are writing urgent email subject lines.

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