Best email subject lines for sales [Free Generator]

There is nothing worse than writing a killer sales email and then getting stuck thinking of a great subject line. Fortunately, that is no longer a problem with our email subject line generator. Just fill in the blanks in the right sidebar and you got a bunch of subject lines for your sales email. 100% free to download and use...

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Best email subject lines for sales

Subject lines are the first thing your audience sees in their inbox. A particularly eye-catching one can be the difference between making sales or not. 

The importance of a good subject line cannot be stressed enough. 

Our sales email subject line generator makes it quick and easy to create subject lines that will make your recipient want to open your emails.

How to write sales email subject lines that get opened

You can use sales emails to promote your product and create value for your prospects. In the email, you will focus on how you can solve the problem of the receiver with your offer. In the end, you have a clear call to action on how they should continue with your company. 

Writing a great sales email is difficult, but making the recipient actually open the email is extremely difficult. 

Your subject line is the most important element of your sales email. With a boring email subject line, your email will never get opened. If your email isn’t opened, it is like it never happened. 

 6 crucial things to remember when writing a sales subject lines:

  1. Keep it short with less than 40 characters. You want your whole subject line shown on all devices. 
  2. Use the name of the recipient to make them feel you wrote this email specifically for them. 
  3. Consider if your chosen words will be caught in a spam filter. Words such as “free”, “winner”, “Guarantee” and so on will negatively affect your open rate. 
  4. Don’t try to be bold using all caps (HELLO), exclamation points (!!!), or ellipsis (...).
  5. Address the problems of your recipient and use the body of the email how your product fixes it. 
  6. Don’t use clickbait. The rest of the email has to live up to the subject line, otherwise, the receiver might unsubscribe to you instantly. 

Use these tips to improve the open rate of your sales emails. 

Subject lines made easy

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