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26 Re-engagement Email Subject Lines

Are you aiming to engage your inactive subscribers again? You can do this with re-engagement email subject lines! 

Where can you find those? Right here!

Use our email subject line generator and get:

  • Subject lines that improve your open rate
  • A large selection of subject lines for any category
  • Subject lines you can use in any industry
  • Unlimited uses. Make as many as want!

The generator is free and easy to use. fill in your information on the right to fully customize the subject lines. 



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Re-engaging inactive subscribers with emails

It happens that some of your subscribers get inactive over time. But that doesn’t mean it’s the end...

Your subscriber has already interacted with you before and you can use that as an advantage. They liked something you offered them before and that’s why they are on your email list right now. 

You can remind them of the value you bring them and win them back. 

That is one way to do it. But there are different ways to re-engage your inactive subscribers such as: 

  • Give them a discount.
  • Offer extra value.
  • Remind them why they signed up.
  • Give them a choice of content they would like to receive from you.
  • Show them what they’ve missed.
  • Give them a chance to unsubscribe.
  • Send a follow-up in case they missed the first email.

No matter what way you choose to re-engage your inactive subscribers, you need to make sure they open the emails from you. 

Want to know how?

How to write re-engagement email subject lines

There is a high chance your idle subscriber is receiving more emails than yours. That’s why it’s important you stand out in their inbox. Many emails are trying to take the subscriber somewhere. So if they choose to open an email from another company, they might forget about the other unopened emails. 

How do subscribers choose what email to open? 

The email subject line.

That’s it. The fate of your email rests on one little sentence…

We have assembled this list of 10 tips for you to use when you are writing re-engagement email subject lines:

  1. Make it personal. Address the inactive subscriber with their name so they feel you wrote the email just for them.
  2. Use the name of a representative for your sender address. Don’t make it look like it’s from a company. 
  3. Offer a discount to grab attention.
  4. Deliver what you say you are going to deliver.
  5. Use emojis to set the tone of your email. Get creative and stand out from the rest.
  6. Trigger the recipients' fear of missing out by creating some urgency. 
  7. Keep it short with 40-60 characters. Your whole subject line should show on all devices.
  8. Be wary of using words such as “Free”, or “winner” that may send your email straight to spam. 
  9. Don’t try to get attention by using ALL CAPS, “!!!”, or “...”
  10. Never use clickbait. Then you are sure to lose the inactive subscribers completely.

Take these tips into account when writing re-engagement email subject lines. You might be able to get them to open your emails.

Or you can make it easy for yourself...

Generate exciting subject lines in 30 seconds or fewer

You can use our generator to create re-engagement email subject lines that win back your inactive subscribers. Simply put in the variables that apply to you and you have 26 subject lines to choose from. 

We also have many different generators for any purposes you may need. Whether it’s cold emails, newsletters, cart abandonment, or others. We have a generator for it.

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