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Lead Magnet Emails

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Lead magnet email examples

After capturing your prospects’ email by using a lead magnet, you need to make them take the next step in your sales funnel. You can do this by using a lead magnet email sequence. In this sequence, you will get your subscribers more familiar with your business and guide them to the next step (for example a conversion or sale). 

Here on Emaildrips, you can access many examples of sequences that will help you get your prospect comfortable with you. 

What is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is a free piece of content that you give away to your visitors in order to capture their email addresses. It is used to build your email list faster than with just a newsletter subscription. Some examples of a lead magnet are:

  • Free ebook
  • Free course
  • Free whitepapers
  • Free webinar
  • Free book chapter
  • Free checklists

Who doesn’t like free stuff?

The content of the lead magnet drives awareness and information that helps a prospect engage in your product or service. It needs to offer value for the potential customer for them to willingly give you their email address. A quick Google search to find the same content will not be valuable enough. The best lead magnets offer expert insight and knowledge that is useful for the prospect.

Use this opportunity to show your skills and establish authority with your prospects!

Why use a lead magnet email campaign?

After the prospect has subscribed to your email list, you need to persuade them to take the next step in your sales funnel. This could be a more intensive free piece of content related to the lead magnet, a product sale or a discovery call. Use a lead magnet email campaign to persuade the new subscriber to convert. 

Make use of the lead magnet email examples from successful marketers right here on Emaildrips. Get inspired and get to work!