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Looking for inspiration for your welcome email sequence? Improve your emails with these handpicked welcome email examples by the best marketers. Learn from their welcome email templates and grow your business!

  • How to write a winning welcome email series
  • Welcome email examples by the top companies
  • How to model their structure for your own welcome email sequence
  • What to write in your welcome messages
  • and lots more

Welcome Email Templates

Writing a welcome email series can be hard. Some people stare at a blank page for hours while they try to come up with the best structure, words, strategy and more. If you want to avoid that, we have something interesting for you..

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What is a welcome email sequence?

A Welcome Email Series is a sequence of emails that you send to new subscribers or customers to make a good first impression. The reason a welcome sequence is so important, is that new subscribers are extra engaged. Your open rates and click rates will be higher that usual, which is why you want to grasp this opportunity with great welcome email(s). You should also focus on a great welcome email subject line.

A Welcome sequence can have many goals, but most people use it for getting:

  • New customers for your product or service
  • Upsells and Cross sells for additional products
  • Call with new leads or customers
  • Better onboarding for new customers and clients
  • More customer testimonials
  • Feedback to improve your product or services
  • and much more

Why use a welcome email sequence?

It’s not only important to make a good first impression face to face. Also online, while interacting with your (potential) customers, you want to make a good first impression. A welcome email sequence is used to create a good subscriber experience. You want the subscriber to stay engaged with your brand, so keep the conversation going and start off with a warm welcome. Did you make any promises in your former emails (optin pages)? In your welcome email sequence it’s time to fulfill those promises.

  • Build trust
  • Create momentum
  • Drive engagement
  • Increase connection
  • Promote helpful content
  • Generate Sales