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Video Sales Letter Funnel Examples

Would you like to approach your customers in a more personal way? Stand out by using a VSL funnel! Also known as a video sales letter and on this page, you will find 7 examples from expert marketers.

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How to stand out with a killer VSL funnel

It’s hard to get the attention of consumers, especially nowadays. The competition is super fierce and a lot of effort is put into pushing products in the faces of prospects. The businesses that get the most attention from potential customers are typically using the most innovative ways.

Today there are many more marketing channels available. An example of one is a video sales letter. A video sales letter is a more personalized channel and known for driving a lot of traffic and boosting marketing ROI.

To get the most out of your VSL, you should use a funnel. And on this page, you will find video sales letter examples from successful businesses. You can use them to get inspired and to learn how to structure a funnel.

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Tips for using our video sales letter examples

A VSL funnel is like the traditional sales letter, that is still in use today. A video version is just more modern as videos, in general, grow in popularity. So that is why lots of marketers include a VSL funnel in their marketing.

There are lots of benefits of using video sales letters:

  • High visual impact.
  • Offers better customer engagement.
  • Communicated the emotions of the message better.
  • More persuasive than regular sales letters.

Check out the 7 video sales letter examples on this page and get ideas for your own VSL funnel.

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