Video Sales Letter Funnel Examples

The competition for the attention of consumers is fiercer today than it was a decade ago. Many businesses have employed a plethora of systems to get their products/services in the faces of as many people as possible. In this game, the businesses that win are those with the most innovative and impactful strategies/systems. However, with the advancement in technology, the number of channels available for businesses to acquire customers has increased dramatically. One of such channels is video marketing. If you are looking for a more personalized channel to generate leads, you may want to consider video sale letter funnels. Video sales letters are notorious for driving massive traffic and boosting marketing ROI. However, in order to get the best of this strategy, you need a video sales letter (VSL) funnel. Fortunately, our website holds a large library of high-performing video sales letter funnels that would help inspire your campaign. Take advantage of this resource now. Click on a template below to get started.

Video Sales Letter Funnel Templates

A video sales letter or VSL funnel, though a formidable marketing tool, can be tricky to put together. At least, not without some help. One major challenge you may be facing in creating a video sales letter funnel is not knowing what makes a VSL funnel effective. And since most examples online haven’t been tested in real life, you can’t trust them.

It is for this reason that we have built the largest collection of VSL funnel templates on the web. With this kind of resource at your fingertips, creating a video sales letter will be a breeze. Why? Well, because the video sales letter examples in our library will give you a ton of insight into the components of a successful VSL video. Here you will learn how to create a catchy VSL video that will grab the attention of your visitors.

Furthermore, the samples on this website are live templates created by professional salesmen like Grant Cardone and have produced massive results. Therefore, you can trust that if you model your funnel after them, you’d get similar results. Just click on any sample above to use it.

What Is a Video Sales Letter Funnel?

A video sales funnel is a digital marketing system, which moves the potential customer through a sales process towards the end goal, which in most cases, is to purchase a product/service using video as the medium to communicate the marketing message. A video sales letter is basically a version of a sales letter, which contains video content instead of text. Sales letters are still very much in use. However, with the rise in consumption of video content, video sale letters have grown in popularity. Lots of marketers have adopted video sales letters in their marketing efforts, a few have made it their only marketing method.

Why Use a Video Sales Letter Funnel?

Video sales letters can be especially effective for businesses looking to boost product sales. Adding a funnel to that dramatically increases your chances of converting more visitors to customers. If you are new to VSL funnels, aren’t conversant with it, or thinking about how to get started, our library will provide all the inspiration you need. Video sales letters have the following benefits:

  • - High visual impact.
  • - Offers better customer engagement.
  • - Communicates the emotion of the message better than text.
  • - Significantly more persuasive than regular sales letters.

If you want to know what a VSL funnel looks like, click on a template above.

How to Use Our Video Sales Letter Funnel Library?

Using our funnel library is pretty easy.

All you need to do is:

  • - Sign up with your name and email address to get full (and secure) access to all of our free funnel templates.
  • - Browse through the gallery and look for funnels that were designed for products similar to yours. 
  • - Study the structure or just copy, paste, and edit the template.

When creating your funnel, ensure that your video is of high resolution. Make use of effects such as graphs, charts, and moving texts as this helps to keep your viewers’ attention throughout the video. Pick a template and get started now.