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Free Trial Email Sequence Examples

Free Trial Email Sequence Examples

Looking for inspiration for your free trial emails? You have come to the right place! Free trials are very popular among and there are excellent reasons for that. You get to show off your product and the prospects get to try it without risk. But, to get more people to buy the full product, you will need a strong email sequence.

Check out our examples to see how the pros:

  • Guide the user through their free trial period to discover the product's value.
  • Re-engages the users that have missed some steps in the trial.
  • Creates urgency to encourage the user to buy the full product.
  • Measure the user’s satisfaction with the product by using surveys.
  • And much more...

Learn by the best examples

Offering your prospects a free trial is not enough to make them actually buy it. By using a free trial email sequence, you can guide the user through the product experience. You can show off all the features to make sure they did not miss out on anything during the free trial period. Essentially, give the prospect all the reasons they should buy the product.

We have collected examples from free trial email sequences from successful companies. Take inspiration from these examples when creating your own email sequence. 

Skip all the hard steps by using what is already proven to work!

How free trial emails can improve your business

Offering your clients to try your product before fully committing is a great way to convert more prospects to customers. Unlike traditional retail shopping, where a customer can physically touch the product... The online shopper won’t really know what they are getting. 

So the free trial model is popular among SaaS (Software as a Service) businesses.

A free trial usually ranged from 7 to 30 days in duration. How advanced the products determines the length of the free trial. During this time, you should have an email sequence that strengthens and supports the free trial experience. Be sure the customer is aware of all the features of the product and how the customer can use it. Essentially, convince the free trial user to buy the full product. 

To get the prospect to the “Aha!”-moment where they realize the added value of the product... You need to include the most important features during the email sequence. 

Learn more about free trial emails?

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Study the free trial email examples on this page to find out what to write in your own sequence. OR… 

You can make it easy with our free trial email sequence template! With this template, you can just fill in details in the generator and make it write an entire email sequence for you. It takes less than 2 minutes!

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