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Free Trial Email Template

If you would like to give your prospects the most out of their trial period, use this free trial email sequence template!

By using this email sequence template inspired by Unbounce you can:

  • Guide your user step-by-step through their free trial to discover the full value of your product.
  • Re-engage the users that have not gone through the steps. 
  • Remind when the trial is ending and encourage users to buy the product.
  • Collect survey responses to measure customer satisfaction. 

You can just fill in the information on the right sidebar to customize your copy to fit your business. It takes less than 3 minutes!

A list of emails you get in this sequence:

  • Email 1: Account Activation  - Finishes setting up their accounts and make them move to the next step.
  • Email 2: Success Path Step 1 (copy for each step) - Provides the steps required to use your product successfully. 
  • Email 3: Previous step not completed (copy for each step) - Reminds the user they still need to complete a step. Provides an informative video. 
  • Email 4: Reminder previous step not completed (copy for each step) - Shows supportive content to get the user back on track with the steps to achieve their goal.
  • Email 5: End of Trial Reminder - Lets the user know their free trial is about to be over. Gives confidence and reassurance in the product to make them buy it. 
  • Email 6: Survey - Thank the user for trying your product and collect feedback.

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Get users to see the full value of your product

This free trial email template is made to guide the user through their first experience with your product. You decide the best way for your prospects to go when discovering your product. And you are explaining each step of the way, too.

This also means that a lot of strategy goes into writing a free trial email sequence. Also, each email has to match up with the others in the sequence. So there is a lot of writing to do for your free trial email sequence…


You can just use our free trial email template to make it quick and easy for yourself.

How our free trial email template will bring you results

We wanted to make it simple, quick, and easy for you to create a free trial email sequence. And that’s why we have created this free trial email template. 

How did we do it? 

Great question!

We have spent years studying the top experts to crack the code of email marketing. We came across these patterns of email sequences again and again. In conclusion, there’s an obvious structure used for email marketing to make it successful. 

Based on these patterns, we have created templates to make them easy for anyone to use. 

It’s no longer necessary to spend days writing your own emails. That you also won’t know for sure if they will bring the desired results. 

Now you can join the many others who also use this free trial email template in their marketing. The generated email will still be fully your own after you put in your details. 

Learn more about free trial emails…

We offer more than email sequence templates. You also get access to a library of 100+ email examples from email marketing pros. 

We have a collection of 30 free trial email sequences, you can use to get inspired. You can also use them to learn everything you need to know for your own sequence. Learn how the experts convert their free trial users into paying customers through emails. 

No need to start from scratch. Make it easy for yourself and use our proven email templates to bring the results you deserve.

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