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15 Product Launch Examples

Looking for ways to successfully launch your or your client’s product? Then check out these handpicked product launch examples used by real-life marketing experts.

With our examples you can:

  • Learn how top marketers launch new products,
  • Get inspired by proven strategies,
  • Structure your own product launch funnel with help from real-life examples, and much more...

How to launch products like a pro

A strong product launch can mean the difference between a successful and a failed product. That’s why we also strongly encourage you to check out our many funnel examples. They will each show you how some of the best marketers launched their products. 

By using proven product launch examples, you can too make sure that you get it right the first time. In the examples, you will also see how experts use different channels to successfully launch their products. 

Get access to our library today and start getting powerful insights into how marketing pro become so successful. 

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Tips for using our examples

As mentioned earlier, all our examples are from real-life successful companies. They are also complete and in proper order, so you can easily understand the whole funnel that is being used. 

The examples can help you get inspired on what to include in your funnel and how to structure it. It will show you screenshots of how companies guide their prospects. You can see exactly each step the prospect is taking from the awareness phase to the action phase. 

It’s super easy to use! 

Get access today and check out our 15 proven product launch examples from expert marketers. They will:

  • Give you ideas on how to best structure your sales funnel.
  • Teach you how to design a sales funnel like a true professional.
  • Help you crack the code on a high performing product launch. 

The product launch examples are also versatile and are usable for a large variety of businesses. Perfect for yourself or your clients. 

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