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We at Emaildrips have collected a handful of tripwire email sequences that you can use to get inspiration for your own email campaigns. All set in one place. Tripwire is a strategy that can be used by a wide variety of businesses. Fast and easy.

What is a Tripwire exactly?

The tripwire email strategy is a proven method to lure in leads and convert them into paying customers. You offer a low-cost deal, in the beginning, to hook the leads and put them in your sales funnel. It puts very little pressure on the leads to buy from you since they have a chance to get a great deal.

Who doesn’t want to make cash by giving away free stuff? 

A quick example of a tripwire could be a free ebook, a sticker, a "free consultation" or any low-cost deal. The key is that the offer must be so desirable that it compels customers to act right away. Check our examples above to see how marketing experts use their tripwires in email campaigns to generate high-converting sales.

You can view tripwires like a small sample and the prospect can get a taste of your products. If they like it they typically want more and are also willing to pay more. The hesitation a potential buyer has before purchasing is minimalized because it is a great deal for them. 

Now they know they can trust you and they are more ready to spend more money on your business.

Why use a tripwire email sequence? 

By using this strategy, you guide the prospect step by step down your sales funnel. This prevents that customers lose interest in you before you get the chance to upsell them. 

The goal is to get potential customers to buy your more expensive products, by offering them inexpensive items beforehand. Prospects are more likely to buy more expensive products if they have already purchased a low-cost product from you. 

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