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Looking for inspiration for your Tripwire email campaign? Improve your emails with these handpicked Tripwire email examples by the best marketers. Learn from their email templates and grow your business!

What is a Tripwire exactly?

Tripwire is a marketing strategy where you convert your leads into customers by first offering them a low-cost product or deal. If they accept, they will be part of your sales funnel. This gives you the chance to upsell them.

Why use a Tripwire email sequence?

A Tripwire email sequence is used to convert your leads into customers step, by step. It helps to prevent that customers lose interest before upselling them. The goal is to get potential customers to buy your more expensive products, by offering them inexpensive items beforehand. What happens is that people who buy one of your low-cost products, are more likely to purchase from you again. Check out some interesting examples below.