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Are you trying to crack the code on successful email marketing? Then you have come to the right place! On this page, you will find over 120+ email sequence examples from real-life experts. You can use these examples to:

  • Learn how the marketing masters structure their email sequences to reach their goals.
  • Launch a high converting email sequence faster with proven email sequence examples.
  • And much more...

EmailDrips has the largest library of email sequence examples and it’s growing every month!

Learn email marketing from the best of the best

Email marketing is the most preferred platform for promoting content. And for good reason! Emails are the highest generator of return on investment for marketers. Studies show the average ROI of emails is 122%. Which is much higher than the other digital marketing channels.

Some other benefits of email marketing are:

  • The message always gets delivered.
  • Your email list agreed to receive content from you.
  • Higher click-through rate on average (about 3%).
  • Most people prefer to get sales content on emails rather than social media.
  • Named the best way to grow a business.

That’s why we at have studied email marketing for years. We wanted to know everything there is to know about email marketing. So we collected email sequence examples from some of the most successful companies.  You can find these examples in our library and start learning!

What is a better way than learning by examples? Learning by the best examples!

We could use these email sequences to carefully study how the top pros became so successful. Still to this day, we are gathering email sequence examples because we can never stop learning. And now you can also take advantage of this library!

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Tips for using our email sequence examples

The entire library is made up of examples of proven email sequences. We place each of them in the right category, so you can easily find the sequence you need. After you have chosen a category, you can study all the email sequence examples you want!

In each category, you also find that the email examples are from different industries.

So, not only do we have the largest library of real-life email examples already... but we also keep expanding with new types of businesses.

What else can Emaildrips do for you? Great question!

We also have 100s of sales funnel examples in our library. You can use these examples to see how the experts used email sequences in their funnel to make sales.

But wait, there is more…

We also make sequence templates! We base these templates on the email sequence examples that were most successful in each category. They are made to make it quick and easy to create an entire email sequence that will bring results. You just have to write your details in the generator and you have your own customized version.

Who knew you could write an entire email sequence in less than 5 minutes? We did!

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