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Lead Funnel examples

Looking to generate more leads for your business? Check out these lead funnel examples from top-performing businesses.

With our lead generation funnel examples you can:

  • Learn how top marketers get more customers,
  • Get inspired by proven strategies,
  • Structure your own sales funnel with help from real-life examples, and much more...

How to be interesting to your prospects

Lead funnels are the most sure-fire way to get more customers. During a funnel, the prospect will go through many steps from awareness to taking action to buy your product. 

The full steps of the funnel are as such:

  1. Awareness - the prospect becomes aware of a problem they have.
  2. Interest - The prospect knows what product will help with their problem. Now they want to know all the options. 
  3. Decision - The prospect compares the available products and decides which one to get based on key characteristics. 
  4. Action - After choosing the product they want, the prospect will search for the best price. 

With our lead funnel examples, you can take your prospect through these stages like a pro. You get powerful insights into how some of the most successful marketers do it. Rather than trying to figure it out yourself.

Improve your business with lead generation funnels

Turning potential buyers into paying customers is the essence of businesses. And that is exactly what a lead funnel does.

In short, a lead funnel lures potential customers with a lead magnet. A lead magnet is a free gift offered in exchange for the prospects email address. An example of a free gift could be an e-book, webinar, consultation, free trial, and so on. It is important that the lead magnet is valuable to the prospect, otherwise, they won’t opt-in. 

A valuable lead magnet is something that solves a problem or gives useful information. It should also relate to your product/service in some way. For example, it could present your product to be a better solution than the lead magnet. 

Tips for using our lead funnel examples

We have made it super easy for you to find examples to learn from! 

When you open one of our examples you will see all the pages experts use in their lead generation funnel.

In our library, you will find 7 examples of successful lead funnels from expert marketers. Get access to our library and you can:

  • Get ideas on how to best structure your lead generation funnel.
  • Learn how expert professionals design their funnels. 
  • Crack the code to a high performing sales funnels. 

The examples are usable for many kinds of businesses! So get started with EmailDrips today to improve your marketing efforts