Lead Funnel examples

Are you having a hard time securing leads for your business? Generating leads for your business is the most important objective of your marketing efforts. However, many new marketer and small businesses take this part for granted. Customers are the lifeblood of any business. The more customers a business gets, the more money they stand to make. So, if you are looking to acquire more leads for your business, you need a lead magnet funnel. With a lead magnet funnel, you can make the most of your website traffic and convert more visitors to customers. And we have just the thing you need – a robust library of lead magnet funnels. Our library holds the most outstanding lead generation funnels on the internet created by the top 1% marketers like HubSpot. You can never run out of inspiration with our lead market funnel library. Scroll down and browse through our collection.

Lead Funnel Templates

There are tons of lead funnel examples on the internet, but none like what we have in our library.

Using this library, you can:

  • - Generate ideas on the best structure for your lead magnet funnel
  • - Better understand how savvy marketers design high-performing lead funnels, and
  • - Apply their strategies to your own funnels

That’s because our library holds lead funnels taken from live lead generation campaigns. Using this library, you can generate ideas on the best structure for your lead magnet funnel. You will better understand how savvy marketers design high-performing lead funnels and apply their strategies to your own funnels. What’s more?

Regardless of what kind of business you are looking to generate leads for, you can find just the right funnel to match your objective. Check out our stash of funnels above and pick one that suits your goals.

What Is a Lead Generation Funnel?

It is a funnel used to acquire leads by luring them in with a free gift in exchange for their contact details such as name and email address. This free item could be an Ebook, webinar, consultation, free trial, report, etc. These free items are called lead magnets. For lead magnets to be effective, they must be valuable to your target customer. Go through our funnel library and some lead funnel examples in action.

Why Use a Lead Funnel?

The major reason every business out there should use a lead generation funnel is efficiency. A lead funnel is a highly efficient (and inexpensive) way to get leads for your business. Most internet users will not hand out their emails to just anyone who asks. Therefore, a lead funnel is a system that serves potential customers a free value in exchange for their details. With a funnel you can guide visitors to the point where the exchange happens and beyond. Therefore, you must ensure that your lead magnet is valuable enough to attract your ideal customer.

Furthermore, for a lead magnet to be effective, it must solve a problem or provide valuable information to your target customer. It should also present your product/service as the best solution to other related issues the customer may have. This way, their minds are set right before you make your offer. You can pick an example from our library and see how savvy marketers use lead magnets to draw in leads.

How to Use Our Lead Generation Funnel Library?

Using our funnel library is pretty easy.

All you need to do is:

  • - Sign up with your name and email address to get full (and secure) access to all of our free funnel templates.
  • - Browse through the gallery and look for funnels that were designed for products similar to yours. 
  • - Study the structure or just copy, paste, and edit the template.

When building your funnel, try to throw in some information about your lead magnet telling your leads how valuable it is. Go ahead and pick a lead funnel template above that fits your business.