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64 Webinar Email Subject Lines [Free Generator]

Webinars have been growing in popularity lately. They have a lot of advantages. For example, reaching a wider audience, being re-watchable, and many others.
Of course, you would want as many people to attend the webinar as possible. One way to do that is by sending emails to invite them to join. One invitation is usually not enough. You will also need a sequence of emails. This means you also need to have webinar subject lines for each email.

By using our subject line generator you can:

  • Create subject lines that are all proven to work to get your emails opened,
  • Fits any type of industry,
  • 100% free to use and ungated (No email required).
  • Unlimited uses: Generate as many subject lines as you wish!



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Crack the code of high webinar attendance

The more viewers, the better! It will increase your chance of selling more products. Webinars usually need a longer sequence of emails to get the most attendees. This also means that more subject lines are required. Also, each subject line should be unique to each email.
Below, there is a summary of the webinar email phases that need emails:

  1. Getting subscribers for your webinar.
  2. Webinar confirmation for subscribers.
  3. Live webinar starting soon reminders (1 day, 1 hour, 15 minutes).
  4. Webinar replay (1 day, 1 hour, 15 minutes).
  5. Post-webinar product sales (with a deadline for extra urgency)

The first step of getting attendees for your webinar is having subject lines that make the recipient want to open all the webinar emails.

It’s not the easiest thing to pull off. But…

We have designed a subject line generator to fix all your problems. You just need to fill in the blanks on the right sidebar and you get 64 subject lines. Each subject line is also categorised for each part of the webinar sequence.

Do you want to learn more?

How to create webinar subject lines that get your emails opened

When it comes to webinars, they usually have a longer email sequence. You need subject lines for each of them. Each email has a purpose, so naturally, you want each of them to be opened.

Remember these tips if you want more participants for your webinar…

10 tips on how to improve your webinar email subject lines:

  1. Give a taste of what recipients can expect in the webinar. Highlight what value they get.
  2. Be curiosity-inducing by asking questions that make the recipient think.
  3. Mention a well-known speaker from your webinar.
  4. Create a sense of urgency with limited spots available or last date.
  5. Use the name of the recipient to make them feel you wrote this email specifically for them.
  6. Be unique and show how creative you are. Use emojis to stand out. Make it related to your webinar.
  7. Keep it short with less than 40 characters. You want your whole subject line shown on all devices.
  8. Consider if your chosen words will be caught in a spam filter. Words such as “free”, “winner”, “Guarantee” and so on will negatively affect your open rate.
  9. Don’t be bold using all caps (HELLO), too many exclamation points (!!!), or ellipsis (...)
  10. Last but not least. No clickbait!

Take all these tips into account when you are writing webinar subject lines. Remember that each email in the webinar sequence should be unique. The subject line for each email should be too.

If you thought it was hard to write one subject line, try writing 10...

There is a way to make it easy though...

Generate great email subject lines in less than 5 seconds

Do you want to write the best webinar email subject lines, but find it hard to come up with interesting ones? With our generators, you'll be able to create great email subject lines instantly.

On Emaildrips, you can get free access to email subject line generators for any purpose. Whether it is sales emails, cart abandonment emails, newsletter emails, and many more. We divided the generator into different categories. Then you can find what subject line is the most relevant for the email you are writing.

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