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Lead Nurturing Email Template

On this page, you will find a lead nurturing email template that will:

  • Pinpoint the problem of your prospect.
  • Show your prospects how they can solve the problem with your product.
  • Be trustworthy and convincing for your recipients.

Just fill in the blanks on the right sidebar. Then you will have an entire customized email nurture sequence template. Get access now with ConvertScripts.

This is the list of emails you get in this sequence:

Email 1: Discuss the Problem. Uncovers the challenge your prospect faces and offers a solution with an informative blog post.

Email 2: Introduction to a Solution. Give more information about your product.

Email 3: Product Explained. More information about the product benefits.

Email 4: Helpful Content. Includes resources to assist in the decision-making process.

Email 5: Testimonials. Shows proof of your product working with success stories.

Email 6: Urgency. Offer a higher discount within a limited time frame.

Get started with this lead nurturing email template now:

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How to write lead nurturing emails

The goal of a nurture sequence is to turn potential buyers into paying customers. The lead nurturing emails guide the prospects step by step towards a purchasing decision. This approach is common in B2B cases, but it's also seen in B2C.

The best way to lead nurturing with an email sequence is by following a certain order:

  1. Highlight the problem of the prospects.
  2. Tell them about your solution.
  3. Show them how your solution will fix the problem.
  4. Include supporting resources to establish trustworthiness.
  5. Use success stories to remove doubts.
  6. Create urgency to trigger the recipients fear of missing out.

By using this email nurture sequence template you will include all the points stated above. Make it easy for yourself!

Tips for using our email sequence templates

We have made it easy for you to create your own lead nurturing emails with our template. You just need to fill in the information about your business or your clients'. Then you will have an entire sequence of 6 emails ready in a few minutes.

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