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Product Launch Email Template

Launching a new product is always exciting! Sending emails about your product is a great way to sell more of it. We have created a new product launch email template for your product. Use it to get success.

What this new product launch email template can do for you:

  • Introduce the product and highlight the value.
  • Explain how your product will take the recipients from the current reality to the desired reality.
  • Use product reviews and quotes that emphasize the unique selling points.
  • Remove doubts and hesitations from your recipients.
  • Create urgency to trigger the prospect's fear of missing out.

You get all this in one product launch email template. Which you can fill out in less than 5 minutes!

The emails you will get in this sequence:

  • Email 1: Cart Open. Introduction of your product and its availability. Including benefits and how the product will help the recipients. 
  • Email 2: Removing Doubt Email #1. Removes the hesitation of buying an expensive product. Mention your FAQ page and refund possibilities.
  • Email 3: Removing Doubt Email #2. Take away the last doubts by sharing personal stories from previous customers. 
  • Email 4: Product sneak peek email. Create excitement about your product.
  • Email 5: Testimonial Email. social proof of the product with links to reviews. 
  • Email 6: Cart Close. Pushes the sale. Combination of removing doubts and fears with social proof. 
  • Email 7: Last Chance. Mention the deadline and create urgency.

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How to create a product launch email sequence in minutes

It’s typical for a product launch email sequence to have a long chain of emails. Which unfortunately means you need to write a lot… 

It’s very time-consuming, but it’s so important…

But there is a way to make it easy for yourself. By using our new product launch email template, you can skip the steps of writing it yourself for days.

Instead, you can create an entire product launch email sequence in a few minutes!

Get inspired by the works of pro email marketers

We have studied the top email marketing experts for years to understand how to successfully launch new products. We have seen many product launch email sequences and analyzed their structure. 

There is a clear pattern used for product launch email sequences for getting success. And now you can also use this pattern as a new product launch email template. 

We also think it’s important that we base our templates on real-life examples to prove that they work. And by changing a few variables, the new product launch email template will be your own. 

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Learn more about product launch email sequences

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You can also get access to a library of 125+ email sequence examples from some of the most successful companies. There’s a large variety of categories to choose from. 

Check these 17 product launch email sequence examples if you wish to get inspiration. 

It’s also possible to get a larger selection of email subject lines if you want to use different ones than those from the template. Use our generator to create 33 product launch email subject lines for FREE. The same principle as the template, you just fill in your details and click generate. 

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