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Product Launch Formula Email Series – Part 1 – Free Workshop Invite

On this page, you will find the first part of the email formula for a product launch that will:

  • Make your recipients watch your videos.
  • Clearly tell the recipients how your videos will help them reach their goals.
  • Create excitement and curiosity for your videos.

Just fill in the blanks on the right sidebar. Then you will have an entire customized product launch email sequence template. Get access with ConvertScripts.

This sequence is part of a 4-part series. View the other sequences here:

  1. Part 1: Free Workshop Invite (<< You are here)
  2. Part 2: Free Workshop Attendance
  3. Part 3: Waiting List Notification
  4. Part 4: Open cart

This is the list of emails you get in this sequence:

Email 1: The introduction email. Make the recipients watch the first video in your series.

Email 2: The reminder email. Give the recipients good reasons why they should watch your video.

Email 3: The last push email. Create urgency to make the recipient take action.

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More about this product launch email formula

In order for a product launch to be successful, there are important steps to take. One of the steps is to announce your product. And one way to do that is through emails. Now, we have found a surefire way to announce your course with this 4-part email formula for product launch. In total, you get 13 emails!

In this product launch email formula you will make your prospects interested with a free video workshop. After they watch the videos, you will introduce your product and offer them to get on a waiting list. The prospects on the waiting list will get an exclusive opportunity to register for your product. Then you will begin to sell your course to them. You will offer discounts, second chances, and bigger discounts at the end.

This sequence is part of a 4-part product launch email formula series. View all the other sequences here:

  1. Part 1: Free Workshop Invite (You are here) - Invites your prospects to sign up for a free video workshop.
  2. Part 2: Free Workshop Attendance - Provides the content the recipient signed up for and invites them on a waiting list for your product.
  3. Part 3: Waiting List Notification - Information about the product and how to access it.
  4. Part 4: Open cart - Start selling your product and increase urgency.

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The goal of the free workshop invite sequence

The sequence on this page is the first in a 4-part email formula for product launch. You should use all four parts to have a well-rounded launch.

This sequence specifically has the invitation for the prospect to watch a free video series. The goal is to get the recipients to sign up to watch it, so you know they are interested. A form of segmentation. Then the recipient will move on to the next email sequence. The Free Workshop Attendance (part 2).

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