Big Bonus Bonanza - 3 different ways to offer bonuses

On this page, you will find 3 different email templates for offering extra bonuses to your product offer.

These templates will:

  • Emphasize the value your bonus brings to your main offer.
  • Create an urgency to make recipients sign up before the bonus is gone.
  • It's made for high ticket courses, but you can tweak it for your product or service

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This is the list of emails you get in this Big Bonus Bonanza package:

Strategy 1: Adding a bonus and taking it away. Create the most urgency by adding a product that is only available until the deadline.

Strategy 2: Increasing the value of the offer. Announce a bonus that has been added to your product that makes it more valuable.

Strategy 3: Secret bonus for sign-uppers. Trigger FOMO by offering a bonus you didn't announce beforehand.

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How to offer extra bonuses to get sales

One of the great ways to add value to your course is by adding new bonuses to it without increasing the costs. An example of a bonus could be a template, video, mini-course, etc. Essentially, it has to be valuable and relevant to your main product to get the most success.

In this Big Bonus Bonanza, you get 3 different strategies for offering bonuses to your course and an email template to make it easier.