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Promotional Email Template (Flash Sale)

Would you like to get the most out of your sale? Use this promotional email template to get an email sequence that will guide your prospect to the sale. 

What this promotional email sequence template (flash sale) can help you with:

  • Introduce the product and the limited time offer.
  • Use success stories to build trust.
  • Answer the most asked questions to remove any doubts your prospect has.
  • Create urgency to make the prospect take action before it’s too late.
  • Collect feedback to learn more about your shoppers. 

Just fill in the blanks in the right sidebar to generate your copy from this email campaign template. 

The emails you will get in this promotional template:

  • Email 1: Flash Sale Announcement - Provides information about the product you will have a sale on the next day. 2.
  • Email 2: The Big Sale - The current offer and the deadline. Includes a success story as well.
  • Email 3: Discount Offer - Focuses on the problem the product solves and creates an urgency for the recipient to buy it. 
  • Email 4: FAQ - Answers to the most common questions are here to remove doubts from the recipients.
  • Email 5: Last Call - Reminder of the FAQ and the deadline of the sale. 
  • Email 6: Last Call Reminder - Pushes the sale. Combination of removing doubts and fears with social proof. 
  • Email 7: Urgency. - The last reminder about the deadline. 
  • Email 8: Feedback - Asks for feedback on the experience and why they didn’t buy the product.

Introduction:In this first email you will be providing information on what this person on sale that you are having. You will also be providing information on what this person should expect from you in the days to come. Add in all applicable links, videos, screenshots / pictures.

Content tips:

  • Create anticipation/buzz for discount offer tomorrow .
  • Give information on what to expect.
  • Mention who this is not for.
  • Mention who it is for.
  • Create urgency by mentioning limited time offer.

Sending moment: Day 1


How to create an entire email campaign in 6 minutes

A lot of writing goes into a promotional email sequence because it typically has a longer sequence than others. For instance, this promotional email template has 8 emails. Each email has a purpose that drives the recipient towards the sale. They are all important and you should use them too. 

But that also means you have to do a lot of writing...

Or does it?

Writing emails is very time consuming, but it’s very important if you want to get results. That’s why we are here to help you. 

Take advantage of this promotional email template and make it quick and easier for yourself to write emails sequences. 

Who knew you could create an entire email campaign in minutes?

Advice for using our promotional email template

The goal of our email campaign templates is to help others improve their email marketing. 

How do we do it? 

For years, we have studied the top marketing experts and their email sequences. Instead of spending years to get experience in email marketing as they did... we skipped that step and “reverse-engineered” the best emails. 

We found that there is an obvious structure that goes again and again in promotional emails. This structure is what makes a promotional email sequence successful. After we cracked the code, we could make our promotional email template to help others. 

We think it’s important we base our email templates on real-life examples, so we know they work. And we made it easy for you to customize it. You just have to fill in your details in the sidebar and it will make the entire sequence match you and your business. 

There’s more you should know...

Use this template for your Black Friday Emails!

There are special events that are the best fitting for a promotional email template. Black Friday emails are perfect, for example. Everyone knows the day is coming, and you can use the days leading up to it to create excitement.

When it comes to Black Friday emails, you want to announce the product and sale ahead of time. Then the customer will have your product in the back of their mind and when the time comes, they will be ready to buy. 

This email campaign template also includes success stories. There are there to make the prospects less hesitant about the product. The FAQ email in the template also helps answer questions to remove doubts. 

Our promotional email template is perfect for Black Friday emails. Use what is proven to work and get the most out of your sale. Get ConvertScripts today!

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