Webinar Invitation Email Template

On this page, you will find a webinar invitation template that will: 

  • Clearly explain important details about your webinar.
  • Give direct call-to-action and make the recipient register.
  • Let the receiver know why they should attend.

You just have to fill in the blanks on the right. Then you will have an entire customized webinar invite email sequence template.

This template is available with ConvertScripts and the emails you get in this sequence include:

Email 1: Webinar Invitation - Give important details about the webinar and provide clear call to actions.

Email 2: Webinar invite reminder - Provide more information about the value the attendees will get for attending.

Email 3: Create urgency the hours before the webinar - Focus on creating excitement and urgency.

Email 4: Extra urgency the hour before the webinar - The last push to make recipients register for your webinar.

After you use the webinar invitation template, you can get more sales with our webinar follow up sequence template.

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The webinar invitation template that makes people show up

The more people attend your webinar, the higher than chances are to sell more of your product. And that’s why you need a strong webinar invite template to help you.

We structure our webinar invitation template to easily give your recipient an overview of the webinar. It also highlights all the benefits of your webinar to make them want to attend. 

You can use this template for your webinar invitation to prove the value of your webinar for prospects. Then you need to make sure that the recipients are aware of the value of your webinar too. That will also make it easier for them to discover the value of your product during the webinar. 

But still, you want to keep your webinar invitation as simple as possible and you can do that with our template. Just fill in your details and generate a copy!

Our webinar invite template will:

  • Give a simple but effective overview of what, when, who, and where of your webinar. 
  • Create excitement to keep the prospects engaged.
  • Trigger the recipients curiosity by including a free gift after they register.

Make it easy for yourself to invite your attendees to partake in your webinar with this template!

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