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Webinar Email Template - Full Sequence

Do you wish to work the crowd at your next webinar? You should use this webinar email template to get the most participants and the most sales. 

On this page, you will find a webinar follow up email template that will: 

  • Follow up on your webinar so more people watch it
  • Explain your product to sell more of it.
  • Create urgency for the special offer to trigger the recipient's fear of missing out.
  • And much more...

You just have to fill in the blanks on the right. Then you will have an entire customized webinar email sequence template.

All the emails you get in this sequence: 

  • Email 1: Welcome + class details - Shows enthusiasm and welcomes subscribers to the webinar journey. 
  • Email 2: Before Class Reminder - Reminds the recipients the class is underway.
  • Email 3 (not attended): Missed class + Product mention - A missed class reminder and mentioning the product.
  • Email 4 (not attended): Webinar Replay - Offers a replay for the missed webinar. 
  • Email 5: Explain product - More information about the product, list of benefits, links to the sales page, reviews, risk-free, and urgency. 
  • Email 6: Bonuses - Offers a limited time bonus to establish urgency. 
  • Email 7: FAQ - Answers questions to decrease hesitations and doubts.
  • Email 8: Special Offer Deadline Reminder (24 hours) - Creates urgency.
  • Email 9: Special Offer Deadline Reminder #2 (12 hours) - Short and sweet reminder of the deadline.
  • Email 10: Survey + Deadline Reminder #3 (6 hours) - Thanking the recipients and asking for feedback.

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Get the most out of your webinar

This webinar email sequence is the most elaborate template we have here on Emaildrips. And with good reason… 

The typical goal of a webinar is to sell your product. But that also includes that you need as many recipients to attend as possible. And after the webinar has happened, you need to follow up to sell your product. You can do all this with emails.

A lot of emails go into hosting a webinar. This means you also need to do a lot of writing…

And that’s exactly why we created these webinar email templates! They are all based on real-life companies that have hosted many successful webinars. 

After studying their email sequences, we noticed a particular structure of these emails again and again.

Based on these structures, we could create these webinar email templates…

A template for a webinar follow up email that sells your product

After the webinar has happened, you have a few opportunities to sell the product that was pitched.

In our webinar follow up email template, there is one email dedicated to explaining your product. It will include a product introduction, a list of the product benefits, reviews, and more. 

To improve your chances of selling your product, you will add some bonuses with a time limit. Then you can establish some urgency to make the recipient take quicker steps towards the sale. 

The webinar follow up email template also has a way to cut any hesitation the recipients might have before buying your product. With a FAQ email, you will answer the most relevant questions. Choose the questions that are doubtful about the product so you can assure the prospect of the value of your product.  

Tips for using our template

Our templates for webinar emails are proven to work because it’s based on real-life examples from successful companies. After you have written your details to the right, you will have your very own version of the template to use. 

Who would have thought you could write an entire webinar email sequence in less than 5 minutes?

It’s also possible to use the webinar email template as inspiration for writing your own. Study the structure and you can make sure you also miss nothing in your sequence. 

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Right here on Emaildrips, you can also learn everything there is to know about webinar email sequences. In our library, we have 19 full webinar email sequences you can use to study or gather inspiration from. 

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