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Abandoned Cart Email Template

Most online businesses struggle with shoppers leaving their carts before completing purchases. But there is a way to reduce the number of leavers by sending emails. Here you will find an abandoned cart email sequence template that will help you to:

  • Get shoppers back to your site to complete their purchases.
  • Find any technical issues the prospect might have that made them abandon their cart.
  • Create some urgency to help remove the last hesitation within the shoppers. 

It’s super simple! Just fill in your information for easy customization of the abandoned cart email template.

The list of emails in this sequence:

  • Email 1: What happened? - Tries to understand if there were any technical problems when buying.  
  • Email 2: Reminder of pending order - Remind the shopper their order isn’t complete.
  • Email 3: Urgency - Mentions that the products in the cart will be removed in a certain amount of time. Can also offer a discount to make them buy it.

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How emails can recover lost sales

There is a good reason emails are the most popular way of treating cart abandonment. Why? Because you can easily set up the emails to send to the recipient based on triggers. 

An abandoned cart email sequence should start within the first hour of the shopper leaving the site. That’s when you have the highest chance of sales recovery. It’s even possible to email the shopper instantly after they leave the page. 

There is really no reason to not use an abandoned cart email sequence... 

Close those sales today! 

Advice for using our abandoned cart email template

Every online seller should use an abandoned cart email sequence. Because it's quite hard to track why exactly shoppers leave their full carts. It could be due to some technical issues or other reasons. Regardless, you can recover up to 19% of your lost sales by using this abandoned cart email template. 

This abandoned cart email template is based on a great example from a very successful company (OptinMonster). They know exactly what to say in their emails… And so can you!

Simply change the details to fit your business and generate your own version. 

It takes less than a minute!

And then you get an entire sequence ready to take part in your email marketing. 

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By using Emaildrips you can learn more about abandoned cart email sequences. We have a collection of 4 examples of cart abandonment email sequences from some of the best. Get insight into how the marketing pros recover lost sales with emails. 

You can skip the steps of finding out what emails work for you by using a proven abandoned cart email template from a real-life example. Make it easy for yourself!

Want to make sure your emails get opened too?

If you want to use other subject lines than what comes in the abandoned cart email template, you can! By using our email subject lines generator you can get a larger selection of abandoned cart subject lines. Add them to your abandoned cart email sequence! Once again, you just need to fill out your information and you get a list of subject lines to use. 

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