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Cold Email Sequence Template

On this page, you will find a cold email sequence template that will:

  • Help you build rapport with your recipient.
  • Give direct call-to-actions.
  • Explain how your product can help the prospect with their challenges.

Just fill in the blanks on the right sidebar. Then you will have an entire customized cold email sequence template. Get access with ConvertScripts.

This is the list of emails you get in this sequence:

Email 1: Reaching out. Explains how you found the recipient and builds rapport.

Email 2: Show credibility. Mention some work you have done for a major client.

Email 3: Dream scenario. Uses images to explain the product benefits.

Email 4: The continuation. Related to the previous email and focused on the problem and the solution.

Email 5: Problem-solving. Makes the recipient think about their dream scenario and their obstacles. Then give them a solution.

Email 6: The recipient's industry. Mentions the competitors and how to be better.

Email 7: Quoting the target audience. Use a quote from the target audience.

Email 8: The product benefits. The last push to explain all the product benefits.

Email 9: The break-up. The email to give them the recipient the last chance to reply.

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The cold email sequence template to get replies

Reaching out to cold contacts, whether it's a phone call or email can be tricky. Since the prospect does not know you at all yet, you have to build some rapport. For emails that include introducing yourself and mentioning how you found them. But you want to do this in a short and clear way.

If the email is too long, there is a high chance they won't read it. It's important you get to the point quick! Don't worry though, this cold email sequence template has a perfect short formula for each email.

Then it is also super important that you focus on what the recipient gets out of doing business with you. Naturally, people think about themselves rather than people they barely know. You can use that to your advantage. Highlight the benefits the individual recipient will get out of a deal with. Also, specifically mentioning the problems they are dealing with and how you can help.

How to use our sequence templates

This cold email sequence template has 9 emails in total, which is quite long. If you use our suggested sending moments it will be sent over about three months. The reason for this, is that there is a chance the recipient didn't respond because the timing was a little off. another reason could be the subject line was not catchy. Whatever the reason is for them not responding should not discourage you to send them emails. Only if they ask you not to!

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