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Upsell Email Template

On this page, you will find an upsell email template that will:

  • Thank the customer for buying a product from you and sell a related one.
  • Use customer testimonials to build further trust.
  • Offer a discount to build urgency.

Just fill in the blanks on the right sidebar. Then you will have an entire customized upsell email template. Get access now with ConvertScripts.

This is the list of emails you get in this sequence:

Email 1: Reaching out to a previous customer. Thank a customer for buying your product and tell them about another product they might like.

Email 2: Follow up. Short follow-up of the first email.

Email 3: Discount offer. Offer the recipient a special discount on your upsell product.

Email 4: Last chance for a huge discount. Create urgency by sending a reminder of the discount deadline.

Get started with this upsell email template now:

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How to sell to existing customers

Upselling is a great strategy for selling. By targeting existing customers to sell them an upgraded version of your product or a product that is related to the first one they bought.

With this strategy, your customers already know you and your product. Which means there is a foundation of trust already. Now there is no need to struggle to find new customers when you can also sell to current ones.

In this upsell email template you highlight the benefits of a different product and explain to the recipient why they should get it.  

Tips for using this upsell email template

We have studied hundreds of email sequences from the best marketing experts. Then we were able to create a proven upsell email template for you to use. It's super easy as well. You just need to fill in the blanks and generate your own version. Takes less than a minute!

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One RESULT you will be able to achieve is ____.
earning 10K a month

Another RESULT you will be able to achieve is____.

The name of your product/service is ____.

The name of your product/service is ____.

I'm selling a (course/service/software tool/etc) ____.

I help my audience ____.
(Ex: build a predictable stream of new leads, build a succesful marketing agency etc.)

Amazing Deal for_____.
(Ex: 25%)

Normally for_____.
(Ex: $79 etc)

This offer is only available until_____.
(Ex: July 28th at 11:59PM EST)