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Want to sell a lot of products within a short period of time without spending a fortune? A flash sale/promotion email campaign is the way to go. This type of campaign is used by businesses to rake in massive sales in a short time by taking advantage of one human character – the fear of losing.The question is… Do you know how to write the flash emails that get the attention your products deserve? Don’t sweat it. We have a robust collection of promotion email templates that demonstrate how businesses harness the power of this human character to make crazy sales. If you want to learn to harness this power and have orders pouring in, check out our database of email samples.

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About Flash Sale Email Sequences:

Flash sale email templates

Offering the best deal on the market won’t guarantee sales if your email game is off. If you are here, then you are probably looking for inspiration to create your own email campaign. One of the best ways to learn is by looking at examples of what has already been done and what’s working. Our promotion email templates give you the opportunity to do just that. But these aren’t just any email pieces; they are samples from actual successful campaigns. You can glean ideas from these templates and model your emails after them. Safe to say that you’d get the same incredible results the original authors are currently enjoying if you do this right. Click on any promotion email template above that closely matches your business and get to work.

What is a flash sale?

It is simply a temporary discount with a deadline. In order to create a sense of urgency, they usually contain a much larger discount than normal promotions. This is why they are really popular with customers and lots of marketers use them frequently. The number one goal of flash (or promotion) sales is to cause customers to buy on impulse. There’s such a thing as the Fear of Missing Out or FOMO and most humans have this in abundance. Customers rarely pass up on a good deal and this causes them to buy impulsively to avoid losing an opportunity. That’s why these kinds of emails are almost always successful. Promo emails are a way to announce your promo to your existing customers and even new prospects. They can generate anywhere between 28% and 35% increase in transaction rates. However, the results you get will largely depend on how persuasive your promo emails are. Get a load of our promotion email samples above.

Why use a flash sale email campaign?

It can be a really valuable tactic to generate new customers or to activate your inactive customer base. Some businesses depend completely on this model and run heavily discounted products all the time (for example It can be a great way to get customers in the door and so you can upsell a more valuable product later. However, there are other benefits your business can get from running a promo campaign. They include:

  • 1) Increase brand awareness;
  • 2) Increase customer loyalty;
  • 3) Encourage customers to look over other non-sale items on the site;
  • 4) Sell surplus inventory;
  • 5) Increase your click-through rates by 74%.

Research shows that email promotions can get existing customers to spend 385% more on the average. What other incentive do you need? Go ahead and click on one of our promotion email examples above now.

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