Conversion Rate Experts - Free Lead Magnet Email Sequence

Wondering how to apply drip marketing to sell your services? Take a look at this email sequence from Conversion Rate Experts. One of the world’s leading agencies for conversion rate optimization (CRO), Conversion Rate Experts is all about delivering great results for their clients. The email sequence below illustrates how they use drip marketing to sell their own services.

This example is straight forward:

  • Offer a very specific and actionable lead magnet for an optin
  • Establish yourself as an authority on the subject by giving away even more great content
  • Make a sales offer at the end of the sequence

The first 8 emails are all about sharing valuable content, including conversion rate optimization tips, the value of CRO, common CRO mistakes and tips on selling conversion rate optimization to internal stakeholders. Email 9 shares a strong case study thus creating a nice transition to a sales offer following in email 10 (kind a like "this is how we improved this company's results by 49%, not bad, right? Find out how we can do the same for you"). And if you didn't convert on their first sales offer, the next 4 emails will help you along the way.

Author: Team EmailDrips

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