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"We believe email automation should be easy"

"Hi there fellow email marketing jedi! We are team EmailDrips, a group of digital marketers from the Netherlands who also operate an online marketing & automation agency called Team Digitaal. Our goal is to help 1000 businesses double their profits and create more freedom by using the power of email marketing automation & ActiveCampaign. But email marketing automation can seem difficult and overwhelming. You don't know which software to choose. You don't know what to write in your emails to get results. You don't know how to set everything up. You just don't have the time to figure everything out. We believed this should change, so we created Emaildrips to give you free access to all of our agency email marketing resources!"
Team Emaildrips
Email Marketing Automation Jedi's

Get free access to all of our Agency's email marketing resources

You get access to all of these free email automation resources if you join our ActiveCampaign reseller program today

Pre-Built Automations you can import into ActiveCampaign with 1 click

Save loads of time with our pre-built automations. We've analysed the most viewed email sequences from our library and created 1-click-imports for each one of them (including the email templates) to speed up your launch!

Copy-and-Paste Email Sequence Templates (79 emails total)

Forget about "writers block" and fighting "the blank page"! Get your email copy done 10x faster with our copy-and-paste templates per email sequence. We also explain the framework behind each email!

Free ActiveCampaign Video Course, Quickstart Checklists & Expert team

Master ActiveCampaign and become an automation superstar! Follow along with our step-by-step quickstart checklists to get ActiveCampaign set up effectively in half the time. And get access to our Specialists for help!

Swipe-file Library of 100+ Email Sequences by the top marketers

Looking to upgrade your results? Get maximum insight into what the most succesfull marketers and companies are doing with their email sequences and apply their tactics to your own business!

Free email sequence templates & 1-click-import automations:

You get access to all of these free copy-and-paste email sequence templates + the pre-built automations that you can import into ActiveCampaign with 1 click. Discover what you should write, why you should write that, examples of what to write, and the 1-click-import link into your ActiveCampaign account.

Why customers love using ActiveCampaign through Emaildrips

"I love using ActiveCampaign through Emaildrips because I get access to their massive swipe file collection and email sequence templates. I draw so much inspiration from that alone. I'm a copywriter and not that technical so the shared automations made it easy for me to get everything set up properly inside of ActiveCampaign with a few clicks"
Thomas de Jong
Thomas Schrijft
"Really cool bonusses that convinced us to switch to the EmailDrips ActiveCampaign reseller program. It didn't cost us anything extra so it was kind of a no-brainer"
Tom Sluizeman
"We were already using ActiveCampaign but decided to switch to the Emaildrips ActiveCampaign reseller program because of the shared automation templates + access to their team of specialists. As the biggest fitness blog in the Netherlands we've got quite a large subscriber database and we really use ActiveCampaign to the fullest, so I like to sparr with experts on how to improve frequently and am very happy with the results so far!"
Jeroen van der Mark
"I was looking for an email software to send newsletters to my audience interested in conversion rate optimization. But when I ran into the world of email automation and all the possibilities ActiveCampaign offers, it just blew my mind. I figured I needed some templates and examples for my email sequences to get started and that's when I came across the Emaildrips website. Their library of email sequence examples really helped me out and their templates and automations made it all a breeze to set up"
Gijs Wierda
"We run a software-as-a-service company and have used the email sequence templates by Emaildrips to create our welcome sequence, free trial sequence and webinar sequences inside of ActiveCampaign. It's saved us some huge headaches because we knew what to write and how to get everything installed quickly"
Niek Giavedoni
Spot On Wifi
"I use ActiveCampaign through Emaildrips because the ActiveCampaign quickstart checklists and pre-built automations got us up and running quickly. I know my way around solar panels and not so much around email software, but this really helped me understand how to set up effective email sequences"
Marthijn de Jong
Zonnestroom Nederland
"Embrace is a fast growing B2B software solution selling social intranet software to large organizations in government, healthcare and enterprise. The Emaildrips team helped us set up professional lead nurtering funnels that convert new email subscribers into sales qualified leads for our salesteam. It's been great working with their team and we love the ActiveCampaign software because of their integrated CRM Deals pipeline. All the bonusses we got we're great as inspiration to share with the marketing team"
Paul Goedhart
"We are a children's daycare provider and were looking to use email automation to build relationships with new moms and dads on our email list. The emaildrips software reviews convinced me of the price/quality of ActiveCampaign and i got some nice bonusses by using the reseller deal from Emaildrips. A dutch person can never resist a bargain, so I decided to give it a try and am very happy I did."
Herman Noordstrand
Monkey Donky Childcare