Saas Funnel examples

Do you run a SaaS company and are looking for more customers? Or perhaps you are a young SaaS company looking to generate leads to get your first set of subscribers? Several studies have shown that SaaS businesses, after investing tons of resources and time to acquire leads, only start to make reasonable profits after a couple years. 9 out of 10 do not even get to the second year without going out of business. And so, SaaS companies need to generate leads on a constant basis without spending a fortune in order to stay in business. To do this, you need a SaaS funnel. A funnel is the most efficient and cost effective way for your SaaS businesses to acquire qualified leads. The problem is, you may not know how to design an effective funnel. Don’t worry; we have got what you need. We have a robust library of SaaS funnel examples that you can use as a resource to give you a few ideas on how to create your own funnels. Check them out below and get started with your funnel. On this page you will discover: What to write in your own Saas funnel How companies have used Saas funnels successfully How to model their structure to use for your own Saas funnel and more!

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Saas Funnel Templates

Every successful funnel out there has a predetermined structure. And so, if you want to create a highly efficient sales funnel for SaaS, you need to understand the structure. One of the best ways to do this is to study templates of successful funnels.

This is why our library was born – to help marketers with access to some of the most successful SaaS marketing funnels out there. You can draw inspiration from the examples you find in our collection to help you create your own funnel.

Unlike other funnel examples you can find on the internet, those in our collection are curled from real life examples. These templates are currently being used by and are generating leads for their authors. With our collection, you can easily find ideas on how to structure your funnel. You will get to learn what makes a successful sales funnel and apply the ideas to your own. 

Another cool thing about our funnel examples is that they can be adapted to just about any kind of SaaS business. There’s something for everyone in here. Check out our stash of funnels above

What Is a Saas Funnel?

A SaaS funnel or SaaS sales funnel is a marketing system used by SaaS companies that consists of a set of steps or stages that a potential/future client goes through during his lifetime, from getting to know the brand to actually becoming a paying customer.

Why Use a Saas Funnel?

One of the major reasons why you should use a SaaS sales funnel is that it is cost effective and efficient. But there are few other reasons why you should use a marketing funnel:

  • - It speeds up your lead generation process.
  • - It helps you win the trust of your potential customers.
  • - It gets your potential customers through their buying journey, from visitor to paying customer, faster.

Go through the funnels in the gallery above and see how savvy marketers move prospects through their sales process.

How to Use Our Saas Funnel Library?

Using our funnel gallery is almost a no-brainer.

All you need to do is:

  • - Sign up with your name and email address to get full (and secure) access to all of our free funnel templates.
  • - Browse through the gallery and look for funnels that were designed for products similar to yours. 
  • - Study the structure or just copy, paste, and edit the template.

When building your SaaS marketing funnel, you want to provide a ton of value for your potential customers at every stage of the journey. This helps to boost your credibility and increase the chances of converting more leads to paying customers. Pick a template above to get started.